LONDON TRAVEL VLOG 001 l emmmatravels.

Welcome to the start of my summer travel vlogs! I had an incredible time during my first 5 days in London and could not be more excited to share my full trip with you all!

paris vlog:
london part 2 vlog: coming soon!

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45 Replies to “LONDON TRAVEL VLOG 001 l emmmatravels.”

  1. mybookishbabbles

    Ugh you make me wanna go back to London so bad 😭❤️ (to be fair that’s pretty easy to do cuz LONDON🇬🇧) It looks like you had an amazing first part of the trip, I’m so happy for you!! I can’t wait to see the rest of the vlogs! 💕

  2. Passions & Fruits

    Can you make a “how to travel to london” video?! Like how to plan for your trip and how to find these amazing places to visit and budgeting! I want to go to the UK so bad but im not really sure how 😩

  3. Line Haugaard Jensen

    Oh my god!😱 When I first saw the bar at the start of the video I thought it looked very familiar. I'm gonna stay at the same hostel in February of next year. I'm even more excited to visit the hostel now, it looks so amazing❤️❤️

  4. Fred2303

    Emma, I was laughing hysterically during this video. I came across your chanel a couple of weeks ago and so far I was like "Cool, we both love The Mortal Instruments a lot!", but now I'm like "I guess, we were separated at birth!"!
    Seriously, watching this video felt like reliving my very first trip to London in May 2018. I also stayed at Wombats with my best friend and we also walked across Tower Bridge at night (we were on our way home from watching the Eurovision Song Contest at a pub). Well, and I totally made her walk to Blackfriars with me and across it because of Tessa and Jem. We also saw Millenium Bridge and the Globe Theater, we went to one of the bookstores you went to, we went for a walk at the same park near Buckingham Palace and so on and so on. I also dragged my best friend to the church which is supposed to be the London Institute and I also made her go to the Devil Tavern with me because of The Infernal Devices. Oh and I was thinking of Buzzfeed Unsolved all the time in London as well because of the London episodes they did. Sadly we didn't have enough time to go to the Jack the Ripper museum, but I totally would have read those letters in Ryans voice as well. Well, but it wasn't too bad that we didn't have enough time for the museum because we spent a day at the Harry Potter studio tour instead of going to museums.
    Now I can't wait for your Paris vlog because I'm curious to see how much more we have in common. I stayed in Paris for my semester abroad in 2011 and can't wait to see some familiar places. 🙂

  5. Shalane Du Preez

    This was fun 😀 p.s don't apologise for not blogging enough or updating enough… This is a holiday and such an awesome trip for you, you should be able to to enjoy every second

  6. Rebecca Richardson

    Glad you enjoyed London! You should come up North one day. I'd recommend York, because it's not only another shadowhunter chronicles location but it's just a super old and aesthetic city with some tiny cobbled streets that I fully believe everyone should wander at some point haha

  7. Victoria Sons

    This trip looked so fun! The meet up looked like a blast too, I hope I get to meet you one day! You've helped me so much and I hope to get a chance to thank you in person some day <3

  8. Sarah S

    Wow there was a cozy tea I used to frequent before it closed in my city and the decor and colors etc looked identical! The owners were British Indians, I wonder if there is a relation?

  9. bgfd1

    Have you been to legendary Foyles Books in Charing Cross Road London? Book Heaven and it has a great buzzy cafe on the 5th floor. There is a huge sign as you walk in saying:
    ‘Welcome book lover, you are among freinds’ . Great video.

  10. ProudBooklion

    Omg watching this now having been in Shoreditch this afternoon (THE STREET ART) and celebrating New Years here too just makes this so awesome to watch! So happy you and Momo had so much fun!❤️

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