Zagreb Travel Guide

Our Zagreb Travel Guide! Join us as we explore this incredible Croatian city.

We were fortunate to be in Zagreb during a time of celebration and community, and the city welcomed us with open arms. We discover Zagreb’s fantastic food with Mate Jankovic. History, culture, great food, warm people….Zagreb has them all!

Thanks to our friends at the Croatian National Tourist Board for their help with our Zagreb episode. For more information visit Discover more about the city with a million hearts at

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26 Replies to “Zagreb Travel Guide”

  1. Γιάννης Αναστασόπουλος

    One of the most beautiful cities i have ever been to, don't forget to visit the museum of broken relationships as it is one of the most famous in the world! Would love to see an Athens/Rome Travel guide next time. Much love Attache!

  2. Korisniknovi

    Actually, you don't need to avoid dark lit alleys, nor the greater crowds…
    There's practically no that kind of random violence in Zagreb.
    Also, there are no "dangerous neighborhoods" in Zagreb (or in Croatia in general).
    You can compare crime rates here:

    Way more people feel safe walking alone by night in Zagreb (80%) than during daylight in London (68%).

    Another interesting metric is car theft where Croatia has 31.6 thefts per 100.000 while, say England and Walles have 142.4 per 100.000.,_by_country

    SImilar, (4 to 5 times more than Croatia) rate stands when comparing burglaries (CRO: 100.5 England: 405 per 100.000)

  3. Darryl Fraser

    I did the Croatia island trip, but made a point to visit Zagreb for a few days when I was done.

    Such a beautiful city with an incredible history. And great beer.

  4. Ana Ćapalija

    As a Zagreb native I have to tell you that you did an awesome job!
    Tip: you turned the tram ticket, when you validated it, the wrong way.

  5. Daryl LeBeau

    This is in English so they need to translate the costs not just in Kuna's but in American dollars as well. Wise up.

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