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As requested, i did a draw my life video! 🙂 This was a pain to make but super fun for me to watch when i was done! Please excuse me awful drawing skills, lol!
I hope you enjoy it and get to know a bit more about me.

Thanks for watching!

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30 Replies to “Draw My Life | TessChristine”

  1. SummerSongbird1234

    I have just now seen this video of your version of Draw My Life and I absolutely love it!! Keep up the good work Tess, you are amazing!♡

  2. Amy

    I love that you grew up on boy bands and Disney Channel because I did as well! Though, my first celebrity crush was Jesse McCartney.

  3. Hana Menda

    OMG ZAYN called u pretyyy omg! because i used 2 be a huge fan I would of been like hypnotized already omg ur so lucky like a celeb complimenting youuu! is like a dream come true!💜😍😄💟❣Tess it so pretty

  4. artemis

    Hey tess!! This video inspired me so much to step out of my comfort zone. This school year I will be going to a university in my country and it's just really nerve wrecking because everything is so new to me. I'm planning on trying out for the dance team, wish me luck!!

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