27 Replies to “Tokyo is DELICIOUS! Noodles & Shibuya Crossing”

  1. はな

    I highly recommend to go to Kyoto or Osaka!! You can experience "real" Japanese food and see many Japanese temples:) And you can wear Kimono! It's Japanese traditional clothes 😊 Hope you come to Japan again!

  2. The World n Us

    You sure had a sweet spot overlooking Shibuya Crossing in that Starbucks. We're going to try the same when we visit and a few weeks.

  3. Sai Yadla

    Please mention the music links in the description, you are using best music in videos backgrounds, please give the link in description

  4. usako01284

    So the building toward the end that they pointed at… was anyone else thinking it looked like it resembled something inappropriate?

  5. Сергей Белецкий

    That's pretty American way -going to McDonald's or Starbucks being away in a country with otstanding cuisine and traditions. Otherwise, your channel is great. Thank you for the effort.

  6. cris

    didn't expect to hear ikon's songs blasting in the background… explains why ikon is so popular in japan lol YG is promoting them well

  7. Nicole Ju

    I just love you guys, such and awesome amazing life you share. Such great stories to pass down to your children. I've started from your first video and plan on binge watching. Thanks for sharing your journeys with us. ❤❤

  8. Skylar Long

    When did you travel to Tokyo? I'm thinking of going in December this year and I hear weather is alot warmer than South Dakota in the winter lol

  9. Conquering Bounds

    I have to know…Nate, how was the chocolate pastry?!? Was it what you thought? Cool video! How did the locals react to your recording video? Was everything scripted at this point or were you winging it? Did you have an external mic on the cam? I want to pick up a mic for my 5D, do y’all have a video mic guide? I was looking at the Mini rode mic, but I don’t want to have to buy twice. I’d trust your suggestions.

  10. Jomievolution8

    My second video done!!!!! The Ramen soup looks yummy, Japan is my bucket list destination . Awesome guys!!!

  11. Eric Von Dumb

    Nothing like experiencing another country's culture from the comfort of a Starbucks or Mc Donalds. Did the same thing myself. lol

  12. Amy Louise

    I'm certainly not one to say, but your videos have become WAY better than these first videos! Good job!!!!

  13. Lubus Maximus

    You two are a hoot, a riot i dare say, at the end this vlog the time lapse reminds me of Seinfelds animated "Bee Movie" where all the bees are humming around, gracefully maneuvering about, barely hitting eachother as they go about the husle and bustle of that bee life, i guess what im sayin is we're a little like bees aint we… although i think the bees may bee more successful+ skillful in creating a healthy environment…..thats another story all together though, "Bee Movie" covers some of that story, you guys keep beeeing awsome!!!

  14. Soljarag5

    Have been watching random videos of yours for the past month…. Finally decided to start at the beginning

  15. Kristopher Albritton

    This may be a weird question. I’ve binged watched most of your videos ad love the traveling but how have you afforded to travel full time and this many places

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