BEST and WORST Travel Moments of 2015

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All the BEST and WORST things that happened to me on my travels this year.

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32 Replies to “BEST and WORST Travel Moments of 2015”

  1. Amber Donnelly

    I know this is a kind of old video but I just found your channel! It's super cool that your family is from Slovakia/the Czech Republic and immigrated to Canada because my Mom's side of the family immigrated to Canada from the Czech Republic too and now I live in Vancouver for university 🙂 I've been catching up on a bunch of your videos because I'm leaving in 2 days for my first solo backpacking trip in Europe. I'm starting in London with very little itinerary and I'm so excited!

  2. Catherine Francisco

    hi I am an expaT in turkey work in tourism, and the Balloon disappointment is such a classic ahah 🙁 come back!

  3. Najah S Yasin

    That was impressive. My jaw dropped right when you said you went to China during a National Holiday. I didn't even need to hear the rest. I just nodded when I seen the traffic picture.

  4. WheresCourtney

    Best: On a 6 week trip to Europe I went mountain roller coaster down a ski slope in Mutters, Austria during the summer
    Worst: during that same trip, we were flying from Budapest to Barcelona and got to the airport 3 hours before our flight to wait in line to check in, after an hour we were told to go wait in another line then come back to that line, after about two hours of waiting in lines we finally checked our bags and were yelled at to get to the airport earlier (all of this was at 4 in the morning) then having to run to catch our flight, and when about to board I was told my purse needed to be checked

  5. Trevor Daniels

    "there were a lot of boobs" that's all I needed to hear! that's hands down the BEST travel experience ever!!!

  6. vonHintenHorst

    Didn't know that Canadians are as prude as Americans.
    Well, you learn something new every day, I guess. 🙂

  7. Caroline Devlin

    BEST: I traveled to South Africa last summer and in Kruger, on a night tour, we witnessed a leopard up in a tree chowing down on an antelope it had caught for itself! Oh, I also saw the Big Five TWICE before 9 AM. How crazy is that? Definitely my most favorite traveling moment.

  8. Anita Hartley

    Ok I've got one! Worst? But memorable! Coming back from Skiathos Greece, we had a 9 hour lay-over in Athens. We had been to Athens multiple times before and decided that we didn't need any more "city time". So we decided to go to the zoo! Well, my mother speaks Greek, and kept trying to tell the cab driver (who had already gotten on the highway) where we wanted to go and he had no idea where it was! And he was saying that he couldn't understand what my mom was saying. We drove out into the middle of nowhere, vacant lots and shanty shacks everywhere. Finally mom found her paperwork about the zoo, which thankfully had directions, that she's reading off to the cab driver. We get there, and there's nothing around!!!! Just more vacant lots! But there is a bus of school children and the zoo looked nice and clean, so we figured it was a trustworthy place. Which it was…until… we got to the bengal tigers. One of the tigers was very unhappy! He was pacing back and forth, growling, hissing and lunging at the cage! The cage was only about, oh 15 feet high, with only barbed wire on top- nothing that appeared to be high voltage. This tiger could have TOTALLY jumped out of this cage! I had to get the heck out of there!!!!! But I didn't want to run away, because cats chase things that run! The whole time I'm thinking "What are the laws out here regarding zoos and animals!!!??" The entire time at the zoo I just wanted to leave. But we still had 6 hours left to kill! I found a cafe, and sat inside the remainder of the time. Weird, but to be it was very scary!!!!

  9. Emily -

    I'm literally taking the exact trip but I'm Poland because both of my parents are polias and I'm leaving on thursday

  10. scercatte

    had something similar in japan's onsen…they didnt allow u to even walk into the onsen with towels wrapped on ur body..ahaha

  11. rebecca kasapis

    Best was traveled Thailand and Singapore with a best friend for a month and went to the full moon party which was so much fun and worst was we both got e coli poisoning and were sick 3 of the 4 weeks we were away and now i still can't eat Thai food 🙁

  12. PICKLE Marz

    FYI: I bought a map the year of my travel in Eastern Europe and it had highways on it that were not even built yet. So whether it was 10 years or that year you would still encounter that issue. Not sure why that is?

  13. alaine93

    Worst: My hotel in London lost the 2 suitcases that contained pretty much everything I owned in them the day before I was setting off on a four month trip.Best: Cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa! I'm a marine biologist and this was #1 on my bucketlist

  14. hondarider519

    Hahaha your last story reminded me of when I was in Iceland. I went to some random pool in Reykjavík with my buddy and a guy we met at the hostel, but you have to shower before you go in the pool! Which is all well and good, because I figured there would be individual shower stalls haha. But nope, just a big wide open room with a bunch of shower heads and you had to get completely naked with a bunch of other guys and clean yourself up… Super awkward at first, but hey, i guess it's all part of the travel experience right? Hahah.

  15. Mirko Marko

    heeey hello the worst think happend to you in my country and your family is from there thats nice. From which city thay are?? i am also traveler and i like your videos. Good luck in next trips! 😀

  16. Achu Christi


  17. Atalmeow Laurent

    Munich, I lost sense of time and I kept my subway ticket thinking it will take me to the airport without trouble… when I was on my way, police checked my ticket and told I had the wrong one, now you have to pay 50 Euros!!! I still have 3 days in Germany! I was on my way to a concert in the Lorelly in St. Gourhausen, near Frankfurt, everything was paid except food and some busses in case I may need to take, anyway, the police didn't speak well English, I explain my confusion about the areas, they explain me how it works and I still need to pay for the fine, I never carry on big money in my wallet, I put it on envelopes, so the police some how thought I didn't have money, sonthey asked me for my passport, take it from me and wait in the airport with me, I asked them many times how I payed the fine, but they kept repeating to me, you have to go to the ATM, I asked the, what for, to pay in there? But they kept repeating go to the ATM, until I got very angry and asked the how on earth I pay the freaking fine!!!!!! With whom? Where? When? Finally they understood and told me I need to give the money to them, that's why I have to go to the ATM because they do not accept dollars or my own currency, so I got mad, insult them because I was very frustrated and delay for my flight, took out my euro envelope and pay them, all that trouble because inside my wallet they didn't see any euro. Those 3 days I survived making sandwiches in the hotel, friends I made in the hostel giving me pizza and beer, a hook up feeding me and finally coming back home, bittersweet experience, since then if somebody needs money or are hungry, i invite them and tell them the story, so they can pay back to any other person I need 🙂

  18. Eva Klisova

    Wow, what!? Your family comes from my country? Im from Brno. What does this town mean to you? ❤️😊

  19. maitzmayes

    I went to Kazachstan and I enjoyed the the Banya it's like the turkey's spa you went too. It's the Russian sauna. ALthough there were a lot of awkward moment i would like to go back. I totally recommend going to Astana KZ super cheap trip you can go to. It's a beautiful country

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