Flight Attendant Life | Buddy Bidding DISASTER | Travel Vlog 2019


Well… I messed up my schedule for next month HORRIBLY… find out how in this video!

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24 Replies to “Flight Attendant Life | Buddy Bidding DISASTER | Travel Vlog 2019”

  1. Garvin Gray

    Commenting late as only just found your channel. How was that buddy bid schedule even legal? The contract might say you waive certain rights, but surely there are minimum standards from the FAA or unions on work schedules?

  2. Jeanette Marie

    When you order in room service from the hotel, they always give you little bottles of ketchup and mustard, if you order breakfast, you get little glass jars of jam for your toast… I pocket those in my big purse when we're on a road trip and it comes in handy when there's not enough condiments in your fast food to go. When we're on a long road trip, I pack up snacks and fruit and water and if I have those little ketchup or jams, I pack up those two and bring some of my own silver and napkins. I hope you still got enough rest with your crazy schedule! 💖

  3. Chris Cromwell

    I love your Wake Up Look in the morning! LOL! I appreciate all that you are doing for your passengers. I operate an internet radio station, WJST Jet Set Radio. wjstjetset.com focusing on the true positives of Jet Travel and positive Flight Attendant Service. I feature the Reel To Reel Tape music from American Airlines of the 60's and 70's. I would love to air your recorded positive service you bring to your passengers everyday with your smile. 😀 I hope you might listen soon to WJST.

  4. blondebokkie1

    You have a fantastic personality and i really enjoy your video's. Im a stay at home mom and watch your stuff in my Me Time. Thanx for making my days easier😊I have always wanted to be a flight attendant. Have fun living your dream and keep up with all you're doing. Its great!

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