INSANE Chinese Street Food in Shanghai | the ULTIMATE Chinese Breakfast Street Food Tour

Chinese street food in Shanghai, China is some of the BEST in the world! We devoured tons of Chinese street food including Da Bing, Jianbing, Sheng Jian Bao, and Xiaolongbao. If you enjoyed our Shanghai street food, make sure to subscribe to follow our street food tours and adventures in India!


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8 Replies to “INSANE Chinese Street Food in Shanghai | the ULTIMATE Chinese Breakfast Street Food Tour”

  1. WarwiDw

    just an fyi, at around 4min where you tried those long fried things, those arent dabing, they're you tiao, which are just fried doughsticks.

  2. wei luo

    FYI,3:35 we call it You tiao, not Da bing, which tastes better with sweet soybean milk. You guys could find those chinese food in Flushing Chinatown.

  3. Slightly Off The Beaten Track

    You guys really need to come back to China properly – it's so amazing – and the food is so good. My husband and I have just finished 3 month there and it's not enough. The first food you guys got seemed to be called You Tiao everywhere we went and it was the best breakfast together with fresh soy milk!

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