i backpacked solo through switzerland!

I’M BACK! In this vlog, I travel solo as a female backpacker throughout Switzerland to Interlaken, Grindelwald, and Lauterbrunnen. I hiked the swiss alps, celebrated swiss day, met new friends at my hostel, paraglided over the swiss mountains, visited the Trummelbach falls, saw the top of Schilthorn, hung out with some mountain goats, etc.

I’ve been backpacking throughout Europe for the past 4 weeks so it was super hard to find time to edit and get decent wifi. I’m sooo excited to finally share this video with you all! It was seriously such a dream and I love that I can finally share it!
with love,
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Facts about Trummelbach falls (they were lit):
– The world’s only glacier waterfalls that are accessible underground by tunnels and paths. They alone carry the meltwater of the glaciers from the Jungfrau down to the valley – up to 20,000 liters of water per second. It’s a UNESCO natural world heritage site!
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How old am I? 21 years old
How tall am I? 6’0
What filming equipment do I use?
What editing software do I use? Adobe Premiere Pro

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39 Replies to “i backpacked solo through switzerland!”

  1. Dalton Sprinkle

    Very cool! I would really like to travel and hike various places as well however just the cost of plane tickets seems daunting. Especially coming from America. About how much would be recommended to go on a trip such as this?

  2. Roaming Brian

    That is actually a pretty small pack! Wouldn't backpacking through Switzerland entail you are walking/hiking, not taking trains thru Switzerland??

  3. nbrace 8132

    Beautiful video, beautiful intelligent young women. Just a little more views of the country and a little less of you.

  4. Martin John Malioat

    Hi Elena, nice videos. Let me know when is your next trip, I'm from Cali too. I'll come with you so you will not be alone anymore. lol

  5. Ryan Wilson

    Can definitely relate, it's always good to leave the bubble back home & challenge yourself to see new cultures. Switzerland looks like a blast, I'm going to have to make a trip there soon.


    This vlog was super comforting because I’m socially awkward but planned on traveling for the longest. 2019 here I come ☺️

  7. Brooklyn Bailey

    No way!!! I was in Weesen, Switzerland on Swiss day! I traveled with my co-workers, one of them being Swiss, but forgetting what day it was 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

  8. Maggie

    Oh wow I was there just last summer vacation and it's sooo weird to see you film all the hidden places that I visited. So beautiful :')

  9. racheld1998

    i dont usually comment on youtube videos but i just had to say you are a super cool and inspiring person! that is all

  10. nancy xiong

    This is one of my favorite videos! I love the lush greenery of Switzerland and this video inspired me to make it my next destination! How long did you plan this Swiss backpack adventure?

  11. Stars & Smokes

    Any suggestions as to which summer month is the best for backpacking across Switzerland? I found this video because I have been planning on going backpacking since November and only recently reached the conclusion that its gonna be SWITZERLAND!! Lol I am 20 and female and I am beyond ecstatic to go backpacking across this gorgeous country this summer!

  12. Ana C

    Thank you so much for editing and sharing this video, I really appreciate it, you literally transport the viewer to this amazing locations!!! Visiting Switzerland has always been my dream. Additionally, you have a beautiful soul and it just shines through!

  13. a m

    hey elena! i’m about to travel/backpack europe! i was looking for an osprey backpack but was unsure of which one to get. which one do you have/recommend??

  14. xelenix

    it‘s SO beautiful seing someone so grateful and in awe of nature and culture – i tend to forget how lucky i am to be living in Switzerland ✨

  15. Jayna Robotham

    Hi! I’m considering doing solo traveling as well, and I wondered if you were nervous about leaving your backpack in your room unattended?? Is this something that I should worry about too? Thanks so much!

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