Local Filipinos help a stranded Foreigner in Bohol 🇵🇭 Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 24

Bohol is a beautiful island in the Philippines. Instead of joining an organized tour, I rented a motorbike and spent the day exploring the area by myself. There were a few places I wanted to visit like the famous Chocolate Hills, the manmade forest and Danao Adventure Park for the Plunge…. but I didn’t make it to all of them due to some unforeseen circumstances.

In the end, it was a great day meeting some very nice Filipino locals. It’s always best to interact and get to know the locals… especially in the Philippines. Everyone is SO nice here. I love it!

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33 Replies to “Local Filipinos help a stranded Foreigner in Bohol 🇵🇭 Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 24”

  1. Ricardo Solatorio

    It's called chocolate hills bruh because when a rain comes it turn to chocolate color bruh..and all the green color will gone and the only color left is the chocolate color..so you should watch chocolate hills when it rains…so you would know why it called chocolate hills..imagine a chocolate thats big as a hill?

  2. banana mango

    Chocolate hills keep changing colors by the season..
    You mentioned the hills is not much of a brown color it's because
    It's in the months of rainy season..
    If you want to see chocolate hills in its full chocolatey brown color..
    Go in the months we're it's less or no rainy season.. specially in the later months of summer..
    Philippines is 7,000. Plus islands
    Every islands has it's own festival months..example: Cebu island month of January 3rd Sunday is
    the SINULOG FESTIVAL…its a big day for the locals celebrating Catholics child jesus or STO.NIÑO
    With Drum beats all over the city parades ..giant floats… a barrage of synchronized dance in full colors
    All fun .. and that's only in that island cebu..

    The other islands the have there own
    Festivals.. in any months of any islands in the Philippines..



    IN HIGH SPIRITS..ALL FUN aside from local culture the food is mix of oriental or western food..and other local cuisine..

    And plus ..they speaks ENGLISH
    As there second language so it's easy to communicate with Filipinos..

    Real smiles
    Real hospitality
    Family oriented nation that's

  3. Jofel

    i just watch your video,its nice,by the way it is called chocolate hills coz when its summer every hills looks brown,but when its rainy season it turns back to green😊,thats one of its wonders👍👍👍

  4. Miong Magno

    Hills become chocolate when weather is cold. Even become shiny like a hershey kisses. And When its hot, they turn green.

  5. tetet villacillo

    Hey Steve! I suggest you go to Camiguin Island and Siargao too.. hope to see more videos from PH soon. Enjoy!

  6. Art of Brielle Rosmont

    when u appreciate even a single small help from filipino they will loved you back…steve..im pretty sure of that!😊😊😊😊

  7. Ryan Lajara

    when its summer and the leaves dried up, it turns into darky brown hills thats why its called chocolate hills.

  8. NegrosOccidental

    Hey man you look like Mr. Big and in a different angle looks like Anthony Kiedis when he had a long hair!

  9. Doug Beckling

    man made forest looks like the back roads in Alabama or Tennessee US. Great footage love how locals are very outgoing and friendly. Something that you don't see much of in the US anymore its a lost skill being human with the exception of Fairbanks Alaska, US that's a turn back in time to 1979 people are willing to talk with each other.

  10. John Keel's Metal Militia Channel

    steve you're such a cool guy, i've watched all your vids, you can couchsurf at my place anytime in lakeland , fl. not the fancy joint but still awesome hangout pad,

  11. onajurecjhay1

    Love d great vibes and attitude bro😀😀
    Hope to see u with a partner and do a roadtrip here in manila😀

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