New York City Travel Guide

Our New York City Travel Guide! We had a blast exploring the city so good they named it twice, New York, New York….
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No matter how many times I visit New York, I still have so many “wow” moments. From the sights, the sounds, the flavours, and the sensations, New York City offers the first time visitor and the seasoned New York expert something new every single time. What a place….what a place.

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Where we stayed: CAMBRiA Hotel & Suites New York – Chelsea

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    What kind of camera do you use for your videos? Nice quality. Thanks for sharing. God's continued guidance.

  3. idiegogaming

    If you’re visiting NYC, places to visit that will be guaranteed to take your breath away at night are:

    -E 125 St and Lexington Ave
    -South Jamaica, Queens
    -Far Rockaway, Queens
    -South Bronx
    -East New York, Brooklyn
    -Brownsville, Brooklyn

  4. DirectorWestfield

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention the JFK Air Train as an option. Granted getting to and from the air train from Manhattan is a colossal pain (almost missed my flight) but it’s an option.

  5. Wei Zhou

    This video makes me a bit of upset..I came from Shanghai , compared to Shanghai(subway, building,etc from this video ), New York City looks out of date, Shanghai looks more like an modern city. I hope I am wrong, I am going to visit New York early next year..

  6. Alexander Shamis

    East New York Brooklyn is a fantastic place to visit for real culture. Broadway Junction area specifically. There is a truck that serves traditional halal food.

  7. 3.1M views

    This is personal opinion: I dont think tipping is a good idea. I guess im just used to it being from down under, but I think it is stupid for people to expect a tip on top of whatever else is being paid. They get a salary, and that is it. I understand they work hard, but I shouldn't have to pay extra money to them just because they 'arent paid enough'. It is the one thing i don't like about the US. Having a mindset that workers are entitled to a tip. Again, this is just personal opinion.

  8. Ncrypt Solutions

    Manhattan aka "The City" is the nucleus of NYC. No need to apologize for not covering the other boroughs.

  9. Jeffrey Lindgren

    Correction : You may take a right on red in NY state. But, there is NO right on red in New York City, the commentor is in error.

  10. jhaga bat

    hi, from which hotel can i get a view of the ball drop? wanting to pee from within the crowd is not doable.


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  12. Tim Geldof

    When are the Queens, Bronx, Williamsburg, Brooklyn guides going to be published? I really liked this travel guide so I hope to see the other ones come out soon.

  13. Kawthar Bakhach

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GUIDE. I'm headed to NJ first for a friend's wedding and I would never have known there's a train directly from Newark to Manhattan, for $12.50 and less than 30 minutes! (instead of the 1hr+ drive on google maps) Thank you!!

  14. Eliza Yonjan

    I would not recommend to visit New York in summer. It's hella frustrating. It's better to go California and other states.

  15. Gorgon Don

    Actually it's quite boring.
    The food is scary.
    The people either miserable or fake.
    You're always within 10m of a urine scented vapour machine.
    The traffic is a joke.
    Public transport is worn, rusty, bent, awkward and smelly.

    Stick to knowing the fake NY that's advertised and in movies. Otherwise you'll be disappointed.

    Unless you're shallow and even more boring than the real NY.

  16. AxSirlotl

    Great video but "There is almost no reason to not tip" to me doesn't really make sense. By tipping you're doing the employer a bigger favour than the person you are tipping because you are allowing the employer to continue paying the employee meagre, inadquate wages and are you are preventing the employer from facing the consequences of paying so little.

  17. 80ist4ever

    The NY subway is very confusing. Don't make the mistake we made; asking fellow travelers for directions. We were twice advised wrong on the same day that we were on our way to the airport with luggage in tow. Most travelers only know the line they take every day to and from work. The are not familiar with all stations. To connect to another line somehwere in Queens, we had to leave the station, cross a super busy boulevard (twice in fact) with our bag and suitcase in hand and dive into another entrance virtually hidden behind a building and a bicycle stand which blocked the number/letter/color signs. It was a late afternoon in early January, very cold and very scary.

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