My Current Morning Routine!

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Products Used:
Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Cleanser

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner
Dove Body Wash
Botanics Rosewater Toner Spray
Dove Deodorant
Aveda Damage Control UV protection
Oribe Gold Lust Oil

Dermologica Oil Free Moisturizer
Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Mac Pro Longwear Concealer
Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Hoola Benefit Bronzer
Rockateur Blush
Benefit Brow
Naked Sin, Buck
Loreal Gen Liner
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

Shirt- Forever 21
Flannel- Zara
Jeans- Nasty Gal

PJ Outfit:
Shirt- Brandy Melville
Short- Victoria Secret

After Shower:
Topshop Sweatshirt
Leggings- H&M

Disclaimer: Not Sponsored

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29 Replies to “My Current Morning Routine!”

  1. Daniel Jamison

    tess chirstine you my name amanda paige jamison wrsh your face morning me to brush teeth makeup on eat breakfast heath your boyfiend love him oh kiss him oh la la la date night oh lady him name patrek aw thank you for me to let you my boyfriend seth branham football 68 sriht me 61 me pictre that coach night kown no lugoff elign high school now your hsmand yes is aw love him yes kiss him yes naked him ew gross sorry about that oky long text comments questions social media your phone miunties change love you tess christine

  2. Sophie Trevena

    All due respect but why does she need more sugar (honey) in her breakfast the oatmeal she used is already full of sugar she should make homemade oatmeal instead

  3. Daniel Jamison

    tess christine you slly not make right funny face thank you for tumbs up dnick hot water love you love you to cron ice craem thanks for requsting this tumbs up if you liked it and let me kow whtat you tonight in the turn off the waer when ur not using it there is a droght here commets questions tiweeter facebook minuties social media your phone

  4. Daniel Jamison

    tess chistine thank you love you so much my friend you sally young lady makeup on cute pattey bethny mota commets questins thumbs up talk you bethny mota proud serious not funny seious promise you evevr aigan time is 5,16 clok time you go bye pool have fun much it mr sexy man naked you to paige pictrue viedo me my sirht saikll cool awesome yes die pirson oh srsed you yes funny no is not boom much it follow me viedo

  5. Daniel Jamison

    bethany mota ew you sally thank you young lady mkeup on your face cute pretty your summer break so happy me tonot make it right thanks for requesting this thumds up if you ilked it and let me kown what thought in the commets below follow me voido questions change miuntes social media your phone you genius love you love you to amana paige jamison kown me your name awesone cool time is 4.27 clok oh right much it

  6. Анастасия Волкова


  7. Carmen Esparza

    My morning routine
    -wake up at 6
    -go to restroom wash face I use the same thing she used
    -put deoverment, lotion,perfum
    -do makeup ( Mascara,concealer,eyeshadow,eyebrows,highlight, and chap stick)
    -comb hair ( my hair is naturally straight)
    -get dress (a T-shirt,sweatpants,adidas, and a jacket )
    -feed my kitty, Nini (the “I” s make a “e”sound)
    -eat 😍🤤
    -brush teeth
    -pack backpack

    (Take showers at night 🚿)

  8. MandieJean97

    Lol. Rewatching this old video and just realized that this is my exact morning routine today. No one’s home. Maple brown sugar oatmeal. Hazelnut coffee. Took a bath instead of a shower this morning but.. same lol. Put on comfy clothes because.. that time of the month. lol. Check social media and YouTube. No makeup today for me. Lol

  9. Style a Silhouette

    Got so much inspired from all of your videos….almost watched every single video and trying to learn from it …..keep up the work and luv you 😘😘

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