How Much Does Traveling Egypt Cost??

How much does it cost to travel Egypt? After traveling all over Egypt for two months, I decided to make a video to help people get an idea of what to expect in terms of the costs for things like hotels, tours, adventures, meals, taxis, buses, trains, and more!

Have a great time in Egypt!


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**Try out Airbnb! You’ll get a free night’s stay anywhere in the world, and so will I! It’s a win win. 😀

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38 Replies to “How Much Does Traveling Egypt Cost??”

  1. Shaweish

    you are awesome! you've done and seen much more in egypt than 98% of egyptians. I hope you kept contact list,, can you share guides?..

  2. ZaphedBeebleBrox

    I would not set a foot in an islamic nation. You are kinda brave and reckless. I understand you are still trying to find mr right and trust me , he is not gonna e a moslim.

  3. Milky Way Gold Star Intertainment

    I like the way you express and give a detail about traveling and other factors that can effect your travel
    really helpfull

  4. Micael Jorge

    I got curious, how did you manage to get USD or EUR at the airport? And by the way do you know if they take English pounds? Thanks for the tips!

  5. Mohamed Darwiesh

    u had to travel from Luxor to Aswan with an amazing Nile cruise trip,, it takes 4 to 6 nights in the heart of Nile

  6. Canadian Man Reviews

    Hey buddy, I'm wondering… I tend to travel gorilla style in that I book absolutely nothing and wing the entire trip. If I do that do you think I'll get myself into a bad spot or should I be good seeing that tourism is down. I essentially just want to make sure I have hostel or place to stay for under 20$ a night and that I can show up out of the blue and be golden. Any advice you would have… would be a solid chief!

  7. Hesham Kandile

    Eyes from heaven😍
    Is this true???😅
    When you decide to come again just text me pretty girl
    I need to stand in front of these eyes..just to be sure it is true😅

    Welcome any time
    Hugs n kisses

  8. Ese Callum

    Verydangerous country.A reporter was gang raped in broad daylight and nobody helped her.Very bad place.

  9. Patty patty

    Hello my name is Patty and I’m planning to travel solo to Egypt next year in April 2019 I would love to have your guidance thank you for sharing your information is really great 🙏✨✨🙇🏻‍♀️✨✨

  10. sdam NASSR

    يجدعان نفس اعرف هو اشمعان نسوان الغرب جمال لدرجه كبير اوي كده

  11. ABDo Atef

    Egypt is a great adventure and have way more than just what she showed . If any of you guys is interested in visiting Egypt and needs someone to show them around the country I will gladly do it if I am available 😊
    My WhatsApp: +201019197251

  12. Alexander Fabrizio

    $10/night for hotel with amazing view is crazy! Seems almost too good to be true. In the US I've never seen something below about $50/night.

  13. Gabrielle Rochette

    where do you book your tours? trip advisors? online ? in person ? at the hotel? and do you do it several days week before ? or on the spot ? Thank you

  14. Stelvei

    I was surprised by a trip to Egypt as a wedding present and my hubby and I are going this October for our 1st Year Anniversary. This helped me out immensely to plan expenses. Thank you so, so much!! I'll probably dive right into your other Egypt videos just so I can get even more excited! I love Egypt so much. <3 <3

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