Off-Grid Yurt Tour: A Tiny House Alternative

In this video, we give you a tour of a yurt that is completely off-grid. The yurt is equipped with a double combustion wood stove for heat, a solar panel to power 1 LED light, and a propane fridge to keep food cool during the summer months. There’s also an outhouse, barbecue and picnic table outside.

This yurt would make a very comfortable tiny house, although we would make a couple of changes to make it more liveable over the long-term, including the addition of an indoor composting toilet, a couch in front of the fireplace, a captains bed with storage underneath (instead of bunk beds), and a more powerful solar system so that we could power more than 1 light.

This yurt is a rental unit in Gatineau Park that can be accessed by snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in Winter, or hiking/cycling in Summer. For more information about renting a yurt in Gatineau Park, visit the NCC website here:




On our third day in Gatineau Park, we ran out of water and melted snow on the wood stove for drinking water. We used the SteriPEN Ultra (that we requested from the company) to sterilize the water, just in case it was contaminated. We didn’t get sick and the SteriPEN was easy to use. We’ll be posting a full video review separately.

We also reached out to Renogy (the company we bought our van’s solar panels from) and asked if they could send us a portable solar kit to test out so that we could charge our camera and iPod batteries while we were off-grid. The 14 Watt, E-Flex portable solar panel and the Drifter battery pack they sent us worked super well and we’ll be posting a full video review separately.

A special thank you to the NCC for allowing us to stay in this yurt in order to film this video, and a big thank you as well to our family and friends who generously loaned us snow shoes, gloves, hats, a sleeping bag, and more to make this adventure possible!

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle

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38 Replies to “Off-Grid Yurt Tour: A Tiny House Alternative”

  1. Jason Walle

    I keep seeing these rotating candle holders in your vids, but can not seem to locate them anywhere online. Does anybody know I can find them? Thank you.

  2. doubleT84

    "sleep six in here" – Have you tried pulling out both rolling beds? Doesn't look like that'd work. Or are they detachable from the bedframe?

  3. toady

    I entered "yurt" in the search box, expecting documentaries about nomadic life in Central Asia. Instead all the videos that popped up had to do with alternative, off-grid living in Western countries. In both cases however, these yurts do look rather homely.

  4. Shay Qian

    This one time, I stayed in a yurt (that didn't have heating) when it was 30 degrees out and gosh, that was most definitely the worst night of sleep I've ever had in my life.

  5. James Ashley

    I’ve been in a yurt. We go every year in may for a week. It’s really good. We are going this year in may as well I love it I’m so exited! But in the yurt we go in on a campsite we have a fire, two foutons a double bed a table 3 or 4 lights and a kitchen outside we also have a barbecue. I have a family of four and I’m a twin. My parents sleep in the bed and me and my sister sleep on the foutons (couches that turn into a double bed, smaller than the normal double bed) P.S we don’t own the yurt we just go in the same yurt every year! EDIT: plus we don’t have a fridge in our yurt.

  6. Tabiri Petrovich

    once back in my history of living in Canada I told my manager if I coukd have a yurt in the backyard. obviously i was joking. I managed a Canada post frenchise outlet and I had no personal space to keep my things and organise myself.
    My.owner-manager had never heard about yurts -I had to explain to him what it is. (he has master's degrees, two of them). when I enlightened them he said: we don't use this expression in Canada.
    I'm happy that you are teaching your fellow Canadians about life and elements of it.

  7. Veggie Groot

    What is the company that made this yurt? Or one similar to it. Thank you for if anyone knows and shares

  8. Renelephant

    I want to comment on YURTS in general. I'm sure you don't want me to mention other sites, so I won't. The first time I saw a YURT from the outside on one of the sites where you make a choice on one that you'd live in, I thought there is NO WAY this CIRCLE (it was empty) and their budget was even quite high, surprisingly, would even be considered. This one, considering where they are in this very cold environment works great for them. GOOD FOR THEM! I've seen YURTS that are just large circles on the outside and when you walk inside, you would never know! They are sectioned off to bedrooms, lofts. bathrooms etc. Quite amazing! I honestly can't believe it! Great job!!!

  9. False Name

    also sterile water and safe water are two different things. UV does nothing to get rid of contaminants only kills microbes filtration is very important

  10. Tsolmon Jigjid

    Heating should be in the middle of the yurt otherwise expeting fire dangers doors directing to the South direction of head of bed to the North

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