7 Weird Things Girls Do When Getting Their Haircut!

the WEIRD things girls do when they plan to get a drastic haircut!
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I recently decided I wanted to get a drastic haircut! I went from long blonde hair to a lob (long bob), cutting about 4 or 5 inches off. Haircuts may not seem like a big deal to guys, but to girls there are a lot of weird steps girls go through when deciding to chop it all off. And yeah, you’ll probably cry. These are the weird things girls do when getting their haircut!
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28 Replies to “7 Weird Things Girls Do When Getting Their Haircut!”

  1. Alan Is a Bookworm

    I had waist-length hair but yesterday I went into the salon and got myself a pixie. Scariest thing I ever did in my life

  2. Everyone loves food

    Lmao I cut my hair in the 6 grade in a ponytail, then I took the ponytail off , and it was so uneven 🤣🤣

  3. Ellie _xoxo

    I just cut my hair and have tried to make it as neat as possible I'll see the result properly tommorow when u straighten my hair wish me luck

  4. Brooke Saunders

    When I was younger I had seriously long hair and my mum said she would take a tiny bit off but she took my hole ponytail lol

  5. sierra houston

    When I was 4 my mom took me to a stylist to get 4 in. Cut off and the lady ended up cutting my WHOLE ponytail off (11 in.)

  6. Kelly Mcclam

    I wanna cut my hair but there are pros and cons
    pros: it would be easier to deal with, dry faster, I could where it down more
    Cons: my hair is curly, it might look like an afro, I probably wouldn't be able to put it up in a bun( I love putting my hair up)

    Comment please
    I don't know what to do

  7. Beyza Üzümbağı

    that is SO true
    also i say to myself 'when it's long it is more complicated to deal with it so cut it out its not a big deal' and after i do i am like 'wtf i did to myself why did i do this 🙁 '
    and one thing i want to say when i decide to get my hair cut, my hair looks suddenly more beautiful than ever before so WTF is that? i dont understand .s

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