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34 Replies to “DELICIOUS FILIPINO FOOD + ADORABLE LOCAL KIDS IN SIARGAO 🇵🇭 Philippines Travel Vlog Ep 19”

  1. Steve Yalo

    Hey!! Sorry guys… the original video was removed from YouTube since apparently showing naked babies is against their community guidelines. Whooooops! haha I censored the video and re-uploaded here, so if you've already seen this video, I appreciate you coming back and watching it again to help get the view count back up! Thanks!!!
    Also… If you follow me on Instagram, you would have been notified about this since I posted a bunch of stories explaining what happened. If you don't follow me on insta, you should! So you can stay in the loop with more updates 🙂

  2. Gail Remudaro

    I can’t. I have to take a break after this video cuz I’m getting super jelly and I’m getting mad. Lol. I love indayun (hammock). I take naps in them when I go home for vacay.

    Just no to fish eye. Lol.

  3. Juanderhixxy

    Wohoo! New subscriber here! Going there this September and will definately stay in that hostel! Great videooo! Nice transition! 👌👍🏽

  4. dylan pletinckx

    hi steve i was planning to stay at the smiling pig but didnt pass the questions(i thkink you knoz what im talking abouth ) why didnt you mentioned that in your video ? :p to sad i really wanted to stay there

  5. Nyther Norr

    Absolutely enjoyed your presentation. It made me want to visit the Philippines, my birthplace. I can't believe it's been decades since I left and have never visited, ever. Maybe it's time to pack my bags and do a little traveling. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Chel Lorenz

    Hi Steve😊 im a new subscriber here and god I love your vlogs… all the vlogs that I watched we're pretty cool and I also suggest you to visit Marinduque it's the heart of the Philippines… im sure you'll love the beach there and also their traditions😊…

  7. Christopher Schmidt

    I like your videos you have a good way of putting out for information I might be coming out to dumaguete I might want to stay at Coco Grove but the price is pretty high to stay there I am in Europe right now so I keep looking at your videos from

  8. Ralph Oro Carcallas

    So lovely seeing those kiddos playing around with you man! I enjoyed watching your vlogs steve!

  9. ioriyagami yagami

    I hope you get a lot! Of subscribers, more and more until it gets to 100,000 or much higher! Keep uploading videos man👍i'm a filipino too!.. I'm gonna watch all your vlogs every single day😃. God bless steve yalo😇

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