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Trying something new here. During our shoots we often capture footage or experiences that are off the cuff or don’t fit into a planned episode but are too damned good to throw away. Or a segment we planned for 30 seconds ends up being so good it deserves its own video…like this one! So we wanted to share them with you. Here’s the first – our experiences in Fujinomiya!

Friend of Attaché and local food expert with Arigato Japan, Asami, is a Fujinomiya native and incredibly proud of the region’s food.

Fujinomiya and Shizuoka in general loves to put its own twist on classic comfort food dishes; yakisoba, gyoza, onigiri, and soba. Instantly recognisable but uniquely Fujinomiya.

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24 Replies to “Attaché Bites – Fujinomiya”

  1. Morell B.

    Attache is one of those channels that transcends to your spirit. It's like being there but not really there. You can taste the food, and feel the environment with every journey. Easily one of the best travel vlogs in youtube.

  2. ScibyTravels

    Better not mention the gyoza capital thing near someone from Utsunomiya – they consider their town the capital 🙂 (they even have a gyoza statue at the main station)

    Regardless, another excellent travel video – your style is by far the best format for travel shows. And I won't complain if you just happen to explore all of Japan, prefecture by prefecture..

  3. Perdomot

    Man, I loved this episode. Really had a personal feel to it as opposed to a more structured video. Hope you do more of these especially in Japan.

  4. luvdocumentary

    This channel deserves much more subscribers! Interesting destinations, great narrative and best highlight for each location. I also like how open the show is to try local food.

  5. Ken Suzuki

    Love it love it love it. I will make a stop at Fujinomiya in March for sure fir the exact same experience!! Thank you!!!

  6. Matt Roberts

    Brilliant content Attaché. Loving the asides covering food (or something distinct). The quality of this channel speaks volumes.

  7. Around The Good World

    Awesome shots, style, narrative and generally excellent story telling! Great thing I discovered you and I am sure your content will help my channel as well. Keep it up 😊

  8. Globetrotter Travel with Puran & Karen

    absolutely fantastic and fabulous video, I really enjoy watching. big thumbs up!

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