a chill grwm

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Hey friends! I wanted to catch up with you all and share a chill morning and film a Get Ready With Me as I prepare to go out in the city.
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How old am I? 21 years old
How tall am I? 6’0
What editing software do I use? Adobe Premiere Pro

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38 Replies to “a chill grwm”

  1. Mikayla Kennedy

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought you were the girl who plays Adrianna in 90210. Obviously not her but I think I just found one of my new favorite channels! Loved this video!!!

  2. Emma Romano

    i love this video and i'm so obsessd with your editing style! it's litterally perfect. cannot wait to see all of your NYC adventures!

  3. Dana Grieger

    Hey, I just wanted to say hi😊. I'm from germany and I loooove your channel so much❤. Who else here is from germany?

  4. Isaure Meister

    Hey girl pay attention, you should wear higher socks when you run, this will prevent an early aging and aching of your sinews 😉

  5. Sofia Rose

    love your vids!! how do you edit your videos?? they're so well put together, im curious how long you spend editing

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