Best Job On The Planet Winner (Video Entry) | Sorelle Amore

This was just one part of the competition requirements – creating this finalist video. The competition lasted 3 months and out of 17,000 people, I was named the winner of ThirdHome’s Best Job On The Planet competition.

Thank you all so much for your support. No way I could have done this without you.

The 3 months of travel to luxurious houses starts at the end of July.
There will be plenty of updates 😉

Stay up to date with my upcoming worldly adventures:


Sorelle Amore

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38 Replies to “Best Job On The Planet Winner (Video Entry) | Sorelle Amore”

  1. Olivia B

    Your whole thing with depression hit me hard. You deserve the world and the fact that you were able to do this with such extreme depression is incredibly inspiring. Depression can make even the smallest tasks hard and ruin the best lives. You just pushed on and didn't give a (insert swear word here).

  2. Priti Shikotra

    Congratulations Sorelle! Can't wait to see the content from this experience you're about to undertake – it will be amazing. Smash it lady

  3. Pradic

    Im so glad for you!!! Enjoy this experience and keep being so positive and amazing person 😄🦅🦅🖤🖤🖤

  4. Lacey Thiessen

    This was exactly what I needed. I also have big goals and a dream to do list. I know I can have anything I want if I'm faithful to my passion and keep pushing…but it's so hard when I can't see how!! Thank you Sorelle, for taking us on your amazing journey and for putting your light into the world.😊😊💕

  5. Nunuk

    That's such an inspironal video…now i want just keep trying. Thank you sorella 💕 i wish you the best and enjoy your winn!


    When do you leave Iceland for your next adventure? Will you be able to continue your vlogs while on your next adventure? Will you return to Iceland? What about Captain Wonderful? Will he go with you? Thank you for your amazing Iceland vlogs. I have watched them all twice maybe even more. You did an excellent job and I hope to be able to follow you on your next life adventure. Bravo and once again, Thank You. I will be going to Iceland in late August 2017 thanks to you.

  7. Sh3LaLa

    I just discovered you today from an article about travel jobs that mentioned your win. I had to see who you were. If you were a character in a movie every actress would want to play you because you are so real, raw, and multi faceted. This video struck me the most because I have had issues with depression and would love it if you could elaborate on what made you write that goal list and how you worked on it. Or maybe you didn't. Maybe just writing it down subconsciously put you on track? I look forward to see your new adventures!

  8. Mikhail's World

    This just validated what I've been trying to tell ppl. You mentioned "how the universe works" and I knew then that I found someone well worth subscribing to. Much love, your new subscriber 💙

  9. David Ng

    As a fellow wanderluster who experienced depression, I am so glad that you won this. I participated as well but I am equally happy to live the journey vicariously through you. I'd like to say that you won it rightfully with that personality and voice suitable for hosting. Will be peeled for the moments in your journey! Have a great one!

  10. Jessica Fletcher

    Hi Sorelle, I've just stumbled across your channel and already have the feeling I'm going to love your content. Looking forward to catching up on all of your vlogs! Jess

  11. anjali lakra

    Hey, can you talk about your experience with depression and how are you managing it. It would be helpful

  12. Nanma Unni

    I came across your channel a few days ago and BOY am I addicted! Your videos are breathtaking and so are your photos (I stalk you on Instagram too). And you come across as such a beautiful person! Congratulations on the win. I'm sure there was no one more deserving than you. I'm especially glad that you were chosen because you capture these places like no one else can. <3
    Also, I would really love to watch your initial video application for this competition, with the amazing shots of Iceland! Have you put that up?

  13. Phoenix Heart

    Thank thank you very much for your amazing insight on your passion of travel…I only saw your vids couple weeks ago just what I needed to push me over the edge of the unknown…

  14. Hopey Rain

    Love ya Sorelle… you're so inspirational! I know this old now… but as you say… it's amazing how the universe works! Especially when you're not sure of HOW things are all gonna work & what the finer details are… but amazingly, some way, some how… it all finds a way! 💖

  15. Veni Vidi Amavi

    I'm feeling that 3 month depression right now honestly and I'm hoping the "travel rebound" is coming back here sometime soon
    CONGRATS, I know this is late, but I'm so happy for you!!

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