a *strange* kinda productive day | things taking a turn

Hi friends, sending you all the love right now! Keep in mind I filmed this a week ago and things have already changed so much and we’ve learned so many new things (aka please social distance and work from home if you can)! This feels weird to even post but I feel like it’s important to try to keep on living our lives amidst all the anxiety, uncertainty, and difficulty so many are facing right now. I feel like we could all use a little distraction right now so I’ll keep making videos from here in California. Let me know what kind of videos you want to see moving forward since things are going to be very different for quite some time.
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Causes to support!
✰COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund (WHO): The World Health Organization is leading and
coordinating the global effort, supporting countries to prevent, detect, and respond to the
✰CARE is working to provide resources to vulnerable communities facing COVID-19:
✰Covenant House is responding to COVID-19 by protecting youth facing homelessness from the
devastating outbreak:
Hit Vibes by Saint Pepsi
Circle my Crush by Van Stee
La Nuit est Longue
Finally by Retrospectorium
Laurel Leaves
Bring it on While She Smiled


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46 Replies to “a *strange* kinda productive day | things taking a turn”

  1. SimplySK

    Elena I say this with love, don’t ever drink hot drinks on the plane😟 they barely clean those machines and kettles🙁 so happy you made it to California instead of being cooped up in NY, that’s definitely a blessing in life to be able to jump out like that✨

  2. Sarah Silvester

    i know you felt weird filming/posting this, but thank you for sharing it elena! it made me smile which is something that does not go under appreciated in these weird times ☺️

  3. virtuouschildd

    i appreciate so much that you put links to orgs that are trying to literally save us 💕 just please know that standing a few feets apart from people is not enough and the only real effective measure experts recommend is to stay inside unless you absolutely have to leave the house, this alone can and will save so many people from being affected and… prevent the worst case scenario which is nightmarish tbh. Stay safe!!

  4. Emma Cauvin

    Hey Elena, your channel is one of my all times favorites here on YouTube so I'm glad you'll keep posting!
    I appreciate that you addressed the situation in a polite and thoughtful manner (as Always <3) and personally, being an Italian locked down at home (I even graduated from home, so weird but still cool lol), I would LOVE to watch whatever content you'll put out! I totally don't mind if it's not coronavirus related, I even find it better bc we are already told so so so much info (and that's great of course) but trying to keep on living normally and finding a break here on YouTube is also so important imho!
    Wishing you and everyone in this lovely community the best in this weird time, we'll get through this!

  5. Rebecca Sylvernale

    Thank you so much for this video! You said you weren't sure if you should make it, but I think it's so important for us to see that we're all in this situation together, and I think you listing silver linings and showing ways to cope really helped me start that train of thought as well.

  6. fira mdni

    thank you for uploading:) i value such good elena quality content in my fine bedroom made me feel inspired to cope with situations like this. you enlighten me elena🤍✨ @elenataber

  7. Alice Barrell

    This lovely video made me feel a lot better about the situation. School finished today here in the Uk and exams have all been cancelled, but I know there's a big community and we'll all get through this! Sending love and positivity from Wales to you all! 🙂

  8. Caroline Fabre

    Thank you so much for this vid Elena ! It makes me realize how we all are in the same shitty situation.. Please stay safe, kisses from France ! 
    Btw, I love your snake earrings, where did you get them please ?

  9. Amanda Douglass

    Hope you are staying healthy! Glad to see you on here. I am currently trying to deal with creating a schedule for myself at home as my university classes have been moved online for the remainder of the semester. If you have tips about staying on a schedule while working at home please share!

  10. CPAlice

    I've been re-watching your travel videos as a distraction haha I think trying to be as positive/optimistic as possible while being cognizant of what's going on is for the best right now :/ Hopefully things get better soon!

  11. Nickrobie

    OMG, I am going to be that annoying person and be told to f up by everybody but I have to say it… Your friend shouldn't touch you, put her arm around you and put her face so close to yours. It is good to get out for our mental health but unless it is someone who lives in the same home as you, you shouldn't be touching or be too close to each other.

  12. Margherita Andreolli

    PLEASE keep making videos! I'm Italian and I've been quarantined for almost 2 weeks, me and many others need something to keep us sane and good entertainment like this really will help!
    As a non American is really interesting how you guys are doing in this pandemic, so even if you do a day vlog on how it's going it would be very nice!!
    Sending lots of love, stay safe!

  13. Lara Castagnetti

    Hope the situation doesn't bacame as bad as in Italy. I'm from a city near Milan, and the situation is really bad. Only today we had 600+ deaths, 392 only in my region. Please stay home if u can. The virus doesn't spread of we stay all at home in quarantine. Share this message of you can. Love ya

  14. Alexis Mini

    This was so refreshing to watch. Thank you Elena. ❤️

    I actually thrift and sell vintage clothing on my instagram, so if anyone reading this wants to give me a follow and support me that’d mean the world to me. I live with my grandparents, one is retired and the other is a hairdresser,so I’m really just trying to support them during all this.

    My instagram is @_alexismini and my Depop is @clotheyourbones; please follow and shop, or share if you don’t have the money right now which I totally get. Stay safe and healthy everyone❤️

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