Earthship Home – Young Man’s Inspiring Building & Living Experience

Jordan shares great tips and advice on how to build a stunning earthship-style home using recycled tires, and earthen cob made from clay, sand and straw. He built his with a ton of help from his girlfriend and friends.

To learn more about this biotecture earthship on Prince Edward Island in Canada:

To learn more about building an earthship, check out the books written by Michael Reynolds here:

The green home measures between 800-900 square feet, collects rainwater, treats it’s own waste water, heats and cools itself (although there is a wood stove for extra cold nights in the winter), and will soon have solar panels.

The interior design was decorated with local and reclaimed materials like recycled granite for the countertops, a CD mosaic backsplash, PEI sandstone floor, recycled bottles in the walls, and more.

An Earthship is the ultimate green building because it heats and cools itself with a passive solar design and strategic thermal mass to store heat like a battery, it has space to grow food indoors, collects and treats rain water, and more.

We filmed this whole video with a 50mm camera lens because we broke the 16mm lens trying to take a photo on a windy point beside a lighthouse.

This PEI Earthship in Wellington, PEI is available for rent on Airbnb:

Earthship PEI:

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28 Replies to “Earthship Home – Young Man’s Inspiring Building & Living Experience”

  1. wendy chiu

    Can you please do an update video on how your home looks today .
    And how did it stand up to Canadian weather.

  2. nanate ali

    very happy for you yang man, am have started planning on my new small house, i live in a very hot country 7 months hot par year no rain, using tyre is not a good idea with the heat.

  3. Scotts Phone

    The Earthship idea is so cool. I always wonder about safety from the tires though. I read once that recycled tires used on soccer fields may have contributed to an abnormally high cancer rate among goalies. Also that tires may not be safe when used as planters. As the tire decomposes, it may release toxins into the surrounding soil. Why are tires always promoted for this kind of construction, rather than concrete or concrete block which would have similar end result for use?

  4. Tuesdays with my sister

    I've seen Earth ships built our west alot. Would an Earth ship work well in The south east?

  5. Mozart won

    good stuff …………. now be a man and have a family of children. or are you afraid to hurt the environment with children.

  6. cynthia ferguson

    i live on east coast you got to have septic and and utilities for code. if i bulid 500 sq foot "code" approve and added the earth ship as an addition..i may can have this.

  7. 40ny

    Well done, young man. You put your education and your skills to very good use. You own your house and have knowledge you can use to help others do the same. I am looking forward to seeing what a "tiny house meets earth ship" looks like. Keep it up. The world needs more people like you.

  8. Olive Rivera

    One of the owner of an earthship says owning a kind of this house is an asset of the planet… such an inspiration to everyone… hope that this kind of living will spread on our home called planet earth 🌎🌍🌏🌿🌱🌴🌳

  9. Daniel Blanchard

    We drove by my daughter and I while on holidays last summer and really liked it but we too shy to stop and say hi!…. Really inspiring😁

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