Come Thrifting with Me | TRY ON THRIFT HAUL Ep. 3

let me know in the comment if you want me to make another thrift haul soon! 🙂
with love,

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39 Replies to “Come Thrifting with Me | TRY ON THRIFT HAUL Ep. 3”

  1. camila lautz

    i love finding youtubers that live in the same city as me and who thrift so i can actually go to all those rad thrift stores !!! yay

  2. Madison Claire Homestead

    Always love you're videos gurllll! I also heard Bane's world and immediately got happy lol

  3. Kristina Marie

    Ok. So. Your hair looks totally amazing in this video! You found awesome items!! And I love that your are supporting the people!! Yes girl!

  4. Kiara Madisen

    You seriously have magical thrifting power!! So much cute things!! I love that first shirt that looks like Burberry 😍 haha your face when your were rudely interrupted by those noises 🙈 Woah those purple pants are to die for!! Love love love this video Elena!! ❤️

  5. grecia larios

    I thought the girl was just following her and taking pictures of her but she ended up saying she was her friend lol

  6. Jannet A

    Which is the second store? I'm from San Diego and always trying to find new thrift store. Thank you! Love your videos!

  7. Renee W

    You make anything look good, I swear. Some stuff you buy I would never see any potential in, but you always make it work 👍

  8. RockstarFlipper

    Thrift haul try ones are def the best. I thrift EVERY SINGLE DAY, but never try on hauls cause I'm a guy lol. People watch my channel for the brands and tags, not the try ons lmao.. well done video keep them up

  9. zerina

    it's not fair, u guys have enormous thrift stores, mines only has like t shirts pants hoodies and some jackets and that's it

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