BEACH TALK & REFLECTION | Sosua | Dominican Republic | Travel Vlog

Beach talk & Reflection

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25 Replies to “BEACH TALK & REFLECTION | Sosua | Dominican Republic | Travel Vlog”

  1. douglas anderson

    U keeping it real and honest. Respect that. I mix it up. Sometimes 3-4 a day sometimes I take a mango for 24 hours..sometimes I take one for 48 or 72 hours..depend on the mango and the vibes and the quantity and quality of mangoes available at the time. Been going to DR 9 going on 10 years the last 4 to Sosua…as often as every 2 months. Jay look like u extended your vacation by an extra month? I don't like crowds or sweating but I do enjoy Classico's atmosphere so I try to get there between 1:30 and 2 and spend no more than 1 and a half hour and leave with my 1st or 2nd mango. Later on whatsapp or the casino to end the morning right. I don't care about stock market my experience made me put a value on mangoes..30-40 or 75-100 if its 24 hours.

  2. Delroy Anthony Johnson

    Blessed Love King keep up the good work but to be honest with you I wish you were back in the UK the way things are moving at the moment with this coronavirus don't take it lightly. Just look how Taylor Made dreams is moving he is not taking no prisoners I was supposed to be back over there at the end of the month but even if I had the chance I would stay here in the UK I don't even want to go back to my main country Jamaica third world countries are going to find it very hard during this time when the youths get hungry you know what time it is

  3. C Escobar

    Peace brother. I was down in sosua feb 26- March 3,, and saw you out there on the beach but I couldn’t say what’s up because I was tearing through some grilled snapper 🤣😂. Sosua is different but not dead.

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