The 10 BIGGEST Travel Mistakes TO NOT MAKE

The 10 BIGGEST Travel MISTAKES I’ve Made, so you won’t!
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Over the past few years I’ve found myself averaging anywhere from 2-4 flights a month. That’s more than the typical American. I am lucky that I get to create my own schedule, and skip off to a new adventure whenever I please- here are the 10 travel mistakes that I’ve made so that you are aware of them and don’t make them. Some of these are rookie travel mistakes that may seem obvious, and some of these are more personal to my perspective on traveling and how to have a fulfilling trip. I hope these help you in your travels!

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My Millennial Life Crisis was started 3 years ago when I was stuck in a rut creatively, career wise, and personally. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, I wasn’t happy with where I was living, and I didn’t feel like I had much of a support system. That is how the Millennial Life Crisis series was born. It was a way for me to let go of my feelings and document my personal growth. Along the way I have found that a lot of you have related with this feeling, that is why I keep vlogging. From now on you can expect weekly Millennial Life Crisis episodes about my life, growing up, career growth, trying new things, friendships, relationships, family, and travels.

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27 Replies to “The 10 BIGGEST Travel Mistakes TO NOT MAKE”

  1. Brooke Marie

    I just got to Nashville after taking two flights to get here. I got the email about checking in early thinking, “I don’t see why people check in early? I’ll wait to get the airport and just check in”….guess where I sat. In the middle on both flights, so now I know. Definitely won’t make that mistake again!

  2. A’isha Afrah

    All my luggages are in black color. I just bought a personalized luggage protector were in my name is printed on it. 😊

  3. rando

    There are great tips but for the suitcase thing if you already have a black set you can also just attach something flashy to your suitcase like a bright keychain or a bright name tag to make it stand out!

  4. Most Of Miree

    Your videos and editing is amazing ! No wonder you have one million, i aspire to be able to travel this much. I love your channel you got a new Sub

  5. Deanna Gonzales

    I miss an international flight because they boarded early, ugh cost me an extra $400 for a flight for the next day.

  6. Walter Van der Wahl

    Another mistake is not researching the weather for your destination and packing the wrong clothes. I booked my vacation to Quepos, Costa Rica during the height of the rainy season. It rained for ten days straight. The beach was beautiful but It was wet, wet and more wet.

  7. Kasia

    I didn't realize any airline doesn't assign specific seats to EVERY passenger. I read somewhere that it's very important to have it listed where every person is sitting exactly, in case of an airplane crash and the need to identify the corpse or whatever remains from it…. That's also why passengers aren't allowed to change their seats during the flight even if the airplane is almost empty and they just prefer to sit somewhere else.

  8. Alex Schurek

    I didn't check in early and my seat was given away! This was a flight back to my state on Sunday and since I had to book another flight for the next morning I missed a whole day of school!

  9. Enikő Hermann

    Girl 😂 hope these were only your first trips. Like i think these mistakes only happen if u never traveled before – and you dont have anybody with you

  10. dede kurniawan

    forgetting the travel charger was true, and i got it twice, perfect, i lose the original phones charger.

  11. Sasha Marishkina

    i love how she films every video! i used to watch monica when she posted overly saturated diy videos and this style is just so much better

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