Travel Vlog : I’m on Vacation! (Read Baecation if you like) 😊

Hi dolls!

finally, long awaited part two. This was one of the most difficult vlogs I have ever had to edit. So bummed out about the fact the we spent most of our long awaited baecation just worrying and stressing. I wasn’t even sure how to put this vlog together, it was all over the place so many gaps but I hope you do enjoy the little pieces I managed to capture for you!

I thought Miami was so beautiful! Very young and extremely vibrant, everyone is really friendly and most, too drunk to even notice anything. Definitely hope to go back in the near future, drink mojitos the whole day!

Thanks for your constant love and support always, leave me some feedback in the comments!

Enjoy. ✨

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39 Replies to “Travel Vlog : I’m on Vacation! (Read Baecation if you like) 😊”

  1. Ntebo Mapaletsebe

    Look at you almost on 40k subscribers 😆 I swear it feels like yesterday when I subscribed to your channel and you were under 15k , your consistency got you here we appreciate the content you serving us beautiful Kay. ❤

  2. Sanele Ndzimande

    Really enjoyed watching this video. Kay can I tell you?, you are amazing at what you do and never forget that. I've learnt so much on your videos be it YouTube videos or Instagram story's. I love you so much

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