(This was filmed a few weeks ago, prior to the coronavirus outbreak & social distancing measures)

I have been dreaming of visiting Hawaii again and couldn’t think of a better way to spend my week than going hiking, swimming and eating (way too much) delicious food. I ended up filming quite a lot so will be posting our trip in two parts (instead of a 30-min video), hope you enjoy the first half of our week & are excited for part 2!
Head up, smile on & radiate positivity 🌞

edited by @jessetam_


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I N S T A G R A M 📸
– @noataieb

T I K T O K 🎶
– @noataieb

S N A P C H A T 👻
– @noataieb

36 Replies to “HAWAII WITH MY BOYFRIEND | Travel Vlog (Part 1)”

  1. Richard Taylor

    Love Hawaii…all the islands! The board you borrowed is called a boogie board just short of using your body to body surf. Diamond Head from your first hotel looking from the bed very romantic. Great time 4 u guys thanks 4 sharing.😎💪

  2. bobby porter

    Great seeing you guys having a good time together love you both stay safe and happy and healthy and strong together FOREVER God bless you both love wins 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Joey J

    So much fun!! Y'all are too cute!! Thanks for sharing this trip with us. Your reaction to the bakery sweets was too cute and funny!!

    Sal made me laugh when you asked him his thoughts on the pineapple on pizza and he said "It shouldn't be there!" Haha

  4. William m

    A couple of observations: 1. when eating the donuts sounded like having sex. 2. you eating food sounds like you are having fun sex. 3. hiking was fun loved the shirtless-ness. 4. You guys always seem to have a good time. 5. Love your laugh. 6. What rank is Sal in the army and how long is he in for?

  5. anon

    Geyser=guy-zer, don’t worry you’re French but speak like an American, no one would be able to tel you aren’t American which is crazy because it wouldn’t be as easy as a non French to sound French and blend right in France lol

  6. jkamastrong

    As a Native Hawaiian, I appreciate you pronouncing all the location names correctly. And if you still have time, I'd recommend visiting Liliha's Bakery as well and getting the cream puffs. So ono!!

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