TRAVEL VLOG! | Melbourne, Australia (Travel With A Baby)

TRAVEL VLOG! | Melbourne, Australia (Travel With A Baby) — Here we go! The second video in our series of travelling with a baby — we take you along with us during our stay in Melbourne, Australia! We had a wonderful time visiting with our great friends Tim and Celeste (the best people ever) and enjoyed exploring around Melbourne and area.. with our 11 month old daughter!! — Side note. We lost our hard drive somewhere along the way and lost a bunch of footage sadly!! 🙁

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26 Replies to “TRAVEL VLOG! | Melbourne, Australia (Travel With A Baby)”

  1. Ayla and Caleb

    Yay for a new video!!! (Finally, am I right 😝) If you don’t follow along with us on Instagram, we are home 🏠 Hoping that these travel videos can be a source of entertainment and hopefully bring a smile to your face during this time ❤️ Love to you all and we appreciate your comments, likes and shares so much!

  2. Cara Zink

    I haven't watched the whole vlog yet, but thank god y'all are okay 😭 I was annoying my fiance telling him I was worried about you guys for the past two weeks. Love you guys!

  3. Alistair Rae

    Looks like you all really enjoyed yourselves I am happy that you did Nova is getting so big she will be walking on her own soon where has the time gone hope you are all well take good care of each other

  4. Mama to Five

    Loved this travel vlog! Also so happy to hear that you’re home safe now. ❤️ You must be relieved that you planned this trip for when you did, and had this amazing experience before the craziness began! 😊

  5. Tim and Celeste

    Haha Karen… 🦆 Ahhh the memories!! Loved this so much – so beautifully captured! And oh how I’ve missed Nova’s sweet little laugh!! Was so special spending time with the three of you! ♥️

  6. Miss Daisy

    So much fun it looks just like it is a beautiful time for you all and love love love the music really great love to all of you stay safe❤️🙏🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. G Momof1

    Can’t get enough of Nova’s adorable emerging personality and beautiful sweet face. Also odds of ever getting to see Australia myself, I thank you for these glimpses of such a gorgeous place!! 👏🏻👏🏻😎

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