EXPLORING MEDELLÍN : A day in the life of a backpacker : Colombia travel vlog Ep 3

Bandeja Paisa, Cable Cars, Parque Arví and hostel life. That’s what you’ll find in this vlog.

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50 Replies to “EXPLORING MEDELLÍN : A day in the life of a backpacker : Colombia travel vlog Ep 3”

  1. Lauren Aida

    Fancy camera work haha – and representing Suffolk, woo! Also, living for that little girl’s side eye on the cable cars. So happy you’re exploring Colombia! Hope you make it to more of Latin America soon!

  2. The Path Less Traveled

    Colombia looks so dope!! That food looked diviiiine mate. Looking forward to the rest of the series

  3. TheAphtar

    I rarely watch vlogs anymore because I just find them boring. Its probably mostly due to boring commentary and boring locations, but yours are different. Interesting commentary and spectacular locations that very few youtubers visit/record. Its really refreshing and it looks like youre having a lot of fun. Super unique keep it up!

  4. Samski

    Thank you for sharing! You're very gifted. I like to travel as well:)I fairly recently revealed my first ever video – My holiday diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would certainly enjoy your feed-back on my video/editing and so I am able to improve like you!

  5. Bashers Go To Hell

    I love the loaded plate. I see why you're fit because you didn't finish your plate. Me, I'd down that and not even be full.

  6. Jamesyboy Experiment - Travel Channel

    Awesome vlog dude!! How about that hostel – 😲 Talk about swish!!!! Looks so beautiful over there. Really appreciated the shout out at the end – Nice one😉👍

  7. Matt Llovido

    Wow what lens and cam are you using? Btw great vlog content as always. Reminds me of Yes Theory's videos. Keep 'em coming brother! Spread the good vibes 🙂

  8. Aaron — Citizens of Everywhere

    Ah man… Chicharon is SO good. I'm envious of the cuisine you've been eating. Those drone shots so steady!

  9. Violette Baronda

    You look like a young Dave Grohl. Lol but seriously yeah. I hope to see you here in Philippines again someday. Godbless you dude! 🙂

  10. Ivan Kerguelen

    …and more footage of the "Comuna 13" slum. Sorry but I was hoping to see more of Medellin besides the slum or the hostel.


    Bruh no one is flying, its just a drone, these things should be incorporated into the video seamlessly, were are not 3 years old, you dont need to ask us if we want to fly, its just well cheesy.

  12. Kyan Teller

    you should tell us the costs while you film. Like you showed us that plate of food but didn't mention the price.. but regardless cool videos

  13. The Gentleman Voyager

    I'm just cracking up watching the cop in the background strike up club V.I.P. section poses in his chair. 🤣

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