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  1. Kara and Nate

    AHHH. We are always so blown away with the amount of support and encouragement we get from the comments section! What would we do without you?! Thank you for the love. We read every single one and are excited to try a new style for a little bit. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and all the way from the bottom of the world)! 🙂

  2. mthwsnd01

    Relax! Everyone here wants you two to succeed. Just run your audio over the video and it will be great! Seriously: We understand!! Never forget we are here because we love your videos and both of you!

  3. juniya79

    Don't worry about it! We'll still watch it! I also want to tell you that your Hong Kong blog inspired my sister and myself to visit Hong Kong. And I'm writing this while in Hong Kong! Safe travels guys!

  4. The Wandering Wife

    Don't feel like you have to apologize to your viewers! You're giving us free entertainment almost daily! It's amazing that you e had so few glitches. I've done some of my early videos with voice overs because I didn't have good audio or video yet. It'll be fine!

  5. Rachel Murphy

    Seems understandable to get lost in the moment, afterall you put all of your heart, therefore effort into these vlogs. Personally the past year has been very hard. I start each day with a gratitude list; 5 things that I am grateful for. It is simple. When the day gets discouraging, I read my list and allow my troubles to be put into perspective.

  6. Mily Alvarez

    you guys!! Don't feel bad about it. I feel like you're almost apologizing, like if you owe us something. You so do not!! The important thing about traveling is enjoying it, plus, Patagonia is so beautiful that you can make a video with music and the footage you took!

  7. Migrant Mermen

    Oh no!! I am definitely going to learn from your mistake and make sure to check out videos more often while we are traveling. Thanks for letting us know what happened, and I'm looking forward to seeing this new type of post you are going to make. Kudos! -Migrant Mermen

  8. Amy Griffin

    Hello. I love watching your videos. You guys are a beautiful couple. How do you afford to keep traveling? I watched the video of the credit cards that you used to gain miles and points – could you describe more in a separate blog. Thank you!

  9. madiantin

    I'm sure most of the reason you were upset is because you felt a responsibility to those who love your vlogs, your patreons, and the company who were supporting you.  I don't think you need have worried, given the amount of kind support you received.  =)  Your vlogs are fabulous, audio or no audio. =)

  10. George Baker

    I want to comment before even watching this vlog. I may have been inappropriate in past comments, that is subjective, but you should never have to apologize if things go wrong, they will and we accept that, you owe us nothing, keep living as you do so that the rest of us can enjoy what we are not brave enough to do ourselves xoxxo

  11. FireCracker3240

    Awww, you guys. You don't have to stress about these things. We love you, and these things happen. We're just grateful to get to share in your experiences with you.

    That being said, you also don't have to feel like you have to be happy and positive ALL the time. I like getting to see the frustrated sides as well, because that's life, and you're human, and you're more than entitled to have your moments. ❤❤

  12. david wright

    I'll tell you what Kara and Nate you guys go back and make a 6 or 8 hour in-depth kind of a documentary like the last two videos about that part of the end of the earth you guys would get rich it is wonderful. Better than many of the National Geographic films I have seen. PS you guys have to be in it or it would never be the same or as good……

  13. Kelsey Newell

    I'm actually watching this at the perfect time because I just made this same mistake!! I'm just a very small vlogger, but I just spent a whole week in the Austrian Alps, and got such gorgeous footage, and didn't realize until after the whole trip that my mic was incompatible with my new camera and NO AUDIO was recorded the whole time. I totally relate to you Kara, because when I first realized what happened I was like freaking out literally wanted to cry!! So currently editing my first ever music/voice over vlog LOL. So glad I'm not the only one who's made this mistake facepalm

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