cuba travel vlog & everything you need to know

Hey loves, hope you enjoyed this vlog! Currently quarantined but hope you’re all staying home & staying safe xx


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    Wonderful video thank you for travelling back in the 1950 with us, loved the outfits and the makeup esp the bold red lips wiyh the the black poker dots blause,u looked very beautiful 😍😍

  2. Huda Ahmed

    I love Cuba, but its not known for its cuisine at least for these restaurants / hotels that cater to tourists. Glad you enjoyed it though, I cannot wait to visit Havana again.

  3. Ysh

    Well done from 🇨🇵
    I loved all your looks especially the red lip and the black and dot dress😍.
    Just a tips if you run out of money there you can use "western union" to send money but it have to be to a Cuban resident. It may help if you're staying in an air bnb, just ask your host and GO GET THE MONEY TOGETHER if you prefer it that way.
    Cuban are so welcoming, friendly and helpful.
    Hope it may help someone.

  4. nadeen

    Cuba is beautiful, i went for my honeymoon in 2015… they gave me a hard time at the airport because im a hijabi 😕 every1 else was okay except for me … even my husband wasn’t searched! I hope it changed now. Otherwise, the people in the country are very nice. Has anyone else been through that at the cuban airport?

  5. Darartu Mohamed

    Hearing how you guys had to jump through hoops to prove that you are helping the Cuban people is amazing. This might be controversial but I'm still waiting to hear how Cuba is an awful country. Might be waiting for a while …

  6. Hamziye Aman

    I really love how y’all explained everything at the end and you shared your tips on how to travel there and went more in depth. Really amazing idea, wish every travel Vlog ended like this one.

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