YOU Control our Philippines Travels – Sohoton is PARADISE

The Philippines is my favourite country to travel and on this trip, we discovered a new best island just outside of Siargao, known as Sohoton Cove. After our Boracay travel plans got rejected, we stayed at Dedon Island Resort now known as Nay Palad. Today’s Philippines travels were controlled by your votes on Instagram and you made this an unforgettable trip.

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42 Replies to “YOU Control our Philippines Travels – Sohoton is PARADISE”

  1. Lost LeBlanc

    Even though we didn't make it to Boracay in this video, we went the next week and made a video about the "New Boracay" AND it's changed A LOT

    Thanks so much for the support guys and let's get lost again next Saturday – or keep up to date on Instagram @lostleblanc 😉

  2. mr. gOOgly eYes

    Ove been to sohoton and it was amazing the best parts were the jellyfish and the big jump… It was low tide when we went there..

  3. Vivienne Pedersen

    You've been to the Philippines countless times but you still can't pronounce Boracay correctly 😂

  4. Wavemaker

    I think the viewers should know that Sohoton Cove and Siargao are in Mindanao. Just to remove the stigma that Mindanao is dangerous.

  5. Johan Boström

    Hi Christian, first i just want to say that i really enjoy your travel videos. Been follow you now for over 2 years. I hope you have time to answer a question? I'm starting to plan a trip to Philippines that gona take place in begging of 2020. My plans are to go to 2-3 islands, what island would you recommend? I'm around 50 years old and want to travel with my backpack and camera. Take care and get Lost 🙂

  6. Feeling Random

    Sohoton for me is one of my top 5 best places here in the Philippines. It's is absolutely stunning!

  7. Mylia Pax

    I hope people don’t think this is what the Philippines actually looks like. In Manila or any part of the main island there are major housing and job problems. It’s nothing like you see in his videos. Most homes are made of scrap steel and wood plus if you go to the mountains (or the more tropical areas) a lot of children run up to cars to sell things risking their life essentially. It’s not really a “paradise.”

  8. Marco Nascimento

    You sir, made this almost 40 years guy, wanted to travel to all those places!!! Damn you!
    PS: You have to come to Azores, i can give a room for 2 or 3 days! Cheers mate.

  9. Dexter Barrientos

    Wait?! I’m lost! The girl in the video is his girl? I remember he has the blond? Or maybe it’s a different vlogger… Dany i guess? #?

  10. meher khan

    Breath taking vlogs guys ohhhhhhhhh my gooooooodnessss…so perfect 😊hoping still that 1 day be there too😍😍😍😍😍

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