A Solo Trip To Singapore & Cancelling Plans⎮Travel Vlog

Hi beautiful souls! In today’s video (filmed 15th March), I take you along my one day adventure to Singapore from Bali. It definitely made me fall in love with Singapore all over again, and Gardens by the Bay was a highlight for sure. If you ever plan to solo travel, Singapore is a great place to go!

As I had to renew my visa to stay in Bali, I had no choice but to travel at this time. I understand that the COVID19 is serious and do not encourage travel right now, unless it is essential like renewing a visa. Let’s cooperate together, and do what’s best for everyone❤️ Take care of yourself, of others, and look out for one another. We will get through it- this too shall pass, and we’re in it together. Sending lots and lots of love xxx

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Produced and edited by Jasmine Lipska❤︎
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46 Replies to “A Solo Trip To Singapore & Cancelling Plans⎮Travel Vlog”

  1. Eren Ace

    Cewe ini cerdik jg ya… liburan,bertempat tinggal,dan mungkin saja kerja sambil vlogging dia pilih Bali,,,saat situasi kondisi indonesia terpapar corona sangat buruk apalagi tingkat kematian di asean no 1 dia pilih mengungsi ke singapore karena dia tau fasilitas kesehatan dan penangan corona disana sangat baik

  2. Ben TheKeeshond

    Hi Jasmine,
    Please excuse me for asking this question. We know you are fluent in Chinese but you look caucasian. I wouldn't be surprised that you overheard Chinese people's racist remarks about you thinking that you won't understand what they said. Another question is do you read/write Chinese?

  3. Pesuruhjaya Sumpah

    Hi again Jasmine 🙋… Maybe I missed out on your previous vlog on what camera you used during your vlogs, but may I kindly ask you, what gadgets do you use for your vlogs? I'm sure you edit your vlogs before uploading to your channel which results in your great, educational and memorable vlogs 🏆 May I also kindly ask you what editing software/app do you use for your editing needs? Thank you kindly Jasmine and please do continue your chase of your passion 😉👏

  4. Luyi Kok

    Hi Jasmine, thank you so much for this video!! I can relate to you so much in terms of enjoying exploring new places alone, spending healthy alone time and keeping in tuned with my own emotions. I'm staying in Singapore and have always loved it here. You describing your experience reminded me so much of my own, and that made feel emotional and extremely thankful. Thank you for being so genuine and brave. You go girl! <3

  5. VanJim

    Also young people can die, people this virus is not a cold , just stay home , even you can go out , just do It to walk and take air but not to do a whole discovery, stay home please!

  6. Gha moemo

    hey beauty jasmine.. please stay in hotel and keep distance to people.. lets fight covid19.. i hope you always healthy and i wanna see you again in bali

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