Leaving New York City: Coronavirus Update

Leaving New York City Coronavirus Update | Hey guys, here’s an update video about how we are doing living in New York City during the coronavirus. PLEASE stay at indoors. For all up to date info regarding COVID-19 in NYC please visit:

Visit for the latest tips and information from the CDC


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50 Replies to “Leaving New York City: Coronavirus Update”

  1. Erik Conover

    *IMPORTANT UPDATE* I have been receiving comments about how it's irresponsible to travel during this time and I 100% agree. We made the decision to drive 17 hours straight (only stopping for gas/restrooms), coming in contact with zero people, instead of flying to avoid the airport. We came into contact with ZERO people / disinfected every surface we touched (gas pump, restroom door handle) so that if we do have the virus and we aren't showing symptoms- nobody is / has been in contact with us. We are self isolating and to reiterate- we are / have been in contact with NO people. We aren't leaving the house for the foreseeable future and we urge you to do the same. Comment below where in the World you are from and how you are doing! Let's spread positivity – Erik

  2. Nick Bender

    As healthcare worker in New York your decision as an NYC influencer to leave the city compounded by your decision to post about it remains irresponsible despite the efforts you took to avoid spreading the infection. There is still so much we do not know about COVID19 and how it transmits. PLEASE REMOVE THIS VIDEO ASAP. The last thing NYC, the state, and the country need right now is a diaspora out of NYC of young asymptomatic carriers such as yourselves seeding further infections and straining the ventilator and PPE shortage. All efforts in the state are focused on preparing NYC for the surge – seeding infections in other areas of the state and nation will divert resources from the city and leave the city and nation worse off. PLEASE REMOVE THIS VIDEO ASAP. Consider all the possible ramifications before doing something like this. IM AM LITERALLY BEGGING YOU PLEASE REMOVE THIS VIDEO ASAP IT WILL HARM OTHERS IN OUR FIGHT AGAINST COVID. Nurses in my hospital are already being told to use make-shift PPE which is practically useless.

  3. Behdin Azadih

    Incredibly selfish and I have no doubt you guys will probably spread the virus. The first thing I notice is you guys aren’t wearing the masks correctly (especially the male since he has a full beard) which in turn could cause ALOT more harm than good.

  4. Kara Lewis

    I'm from the province of Alberta in Canada. The province is now testing 2,000 a day. Schools are closed, elective surgeries are cancelled and non emergency dental services cancelled. Its strongly recommended to not go outside unless absolutely essential. We can now take doctor visits over the phone or on video. Our church building is closed but services and communication has gone online. Grocery stores are open for the first hour to the elderly or most vulnerable. Lots of people in canada lost their jobs. So far 1 million people in canada have apply for employment insurance so they can get some financial support from the government. It's a hard time, people are stressed out that they have no savings and no job. On top of that they cant even see their friends or family in person to help them get through this. Alberta was hit hard in 2015 when the price of oil dropped so low it was bankrupting oil companies. With a population of 4.37 million 250,000+ people lost their jobs and the economy here never recovered. Lets help one another as much as we can through this. When it is over help those who will loss everything. Keep praying your our leaders, the health care workers, the sick and those in need.

  5. jeroen

    im in the netherlands in a town of 900 people. life seems pretty much the same as it ever was and stores are still fine. just some minor changes like the usual stuff but nothing that impacts my lifestyle plus i work from home. i feel for the people in cities. peace

  6. Max Power

    Don't worry. Big Brother gonna print out 6 trillion dollars! Stay home binge watch Netflix, play video games, eat processed crap, and get fatter! They own us now!

  7. DeeJay ReGg

    I miss the Big Apple but glad, well blessed that I'm not staying there during this whole ordeal. I moved out of NYC the end of February before all this started. Its crazy hearing from friends and family and seeing all the things going on there. I know now as of today, MTA is running the transit system in moderate service. People just got to stay home and be safe.

  8. Rktmtkl Jelrdkbn

    Wow, I am in India, our government put so strict rule that if someone walking or riding bikes without mask u could have 6 month jail, and cops are everywhere patrolling around the city

  9. Will Neder

    I think you guys made the right move to get out of the city. I live in NYC but i left a few days ago because i had the same gut feeling as well. Nothing was more terrifying than not being able to get groceries so I left to go to South Beach in Miami. It’s much more doable here than NYC.

    I hope you two are doing well!

  10. soumyadeep Ghosh

    I'm from India & here our govt gas declared lockdown, rather curfew in each and every states, no one is allowed to go outside of the house, things are not good bro..
    We all are running out of ration!
    Hope that we get the cure of this endemic ASAP

  11. ricada david

    I'm in FRANCE in Burgundy near BEAUNE. We are closed since 16/03 and for 6 weeks in the first time. Evrything is more difficult but we adapt. I have a garden and i can go out in the day. It's very sad to see the streets of NY empty. I think of all the inhabitants of new york.

  12. Simone Schultz

    Washington state is next as far a disaster areas. My big beef is WHY CANT WE GET:
    Hand sanitizer
    Toilet paper
    CoV 19 testing
    I had a bad feeling before we realized so many people were sick now we must just hunker down eat what we have on hand and hope stores can restock food ASAP.
    We do have power
    And fuel for cars. What we all need is a way to test for the virus from hell 🦠

  13. Archie

    I’m From India and we’re lockdown till 15th April from 22nd March,20 . Government is taking strict action for keeping ourselves at home.

    Stay safe !

  14. Brandon S

    Naive, ignorant and pretentious hipsters like you are the ones who are spreading it to other areas.

    Not sure how you got so many upvotes, considering if you go to other videos and websites people are hating on New Yorkers that are fleeing right now.

  15. JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON

    In india
    500+ cases 10 deaths
    We are in 21 day lockdown
    The police are using violent measures on people who come out without any purpose and sending them home.
    Yesterday the government announced 2yr jail time for people who come out of thier houses without a vaild reason
    At places like medical stores, grocery store etc, where crowd is gathered
    There are squares 6 feet apart and people stand in that square and wait. No one is allowed to stand behind or front in a line
    I mean I don't like these methods but we gotta do anything to keep people in their homes to fight this
    This is the only way

  16. oman416

    I was in the Hell’s Kitchen Manhattan arena on 3/12/20 – 3-16-20 and I got to see how the city just shut down and the subway closed. On the first day I got there everything was normal and the day after things started shutting down and the city began to place limitation on gatherings and places. It was crazy to witness. I’m now back home in Arizona and I work at a bank so I keep working but I’ve been trying to quarantine and stay away from people my 89 year old grandfather is in town and I haven’t seen him in 2 years and I still can’t see him because I’m trying to quarantine and I wouldn’t want to put him at risk.

  17. Michael Mcgarry

    I'm a former New Yorker…I now live in Cleveland. Not too bad here. I work in an essential industry and they are practicing safe health practices. I've been to 3 groceries and all are fully stocked and business is booming for them. Stay well…

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