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We do want to preface this video by saying that we took this vlog a few weeks back- we’re aware of how different the current climate is in the country. With that being said, this might be our last travel vlog for a bit, so enjoy!

GUYS. I have some super exciting news to share with you…. I SPOKE AT AN MIT CONFERENCE at the beginning of the month!! This was so so so exciting for me. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for this amazing opportunity. I was able to travel to Boston (which Andrew & I love) and speak in front of thousands of people a the MIT Sloan Sports Conference. I got to be in the presence of some other boss athletes like Andy Roddick, Sue Bird (might have a Couple Things episode coming out soon with her!) Justin Tuck, and SO many more. This weekend was a blast & I hope to get the opportunity to do it again. Let us know your favorite spots in Boston and if I came back and did it again next year, would you come?!?

Love – Shawn Johnson + Andrew East (+ little baby East)

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30 Replies to “last travel vlog | the east family”

  1. Sheri-myvideos

    Your daughter is so cute I like seeing how she is doing and I like watching her get bigger although I know you don't want her to grow up too fast. I think she looks a lot like Andrew, she probably looks a lot like both of you but I am thinking she has Andrews eyes.

  2. Kristie Curtacci

    I would have to say my favorite athlete is Shawn, I loved watching her strength. It was inspiring. I think you guys should come to the Syracuse, NY area (when it’s safe) I would love to meet you!

  3. Riah Z 98

    Why don't you give Cambridge credit for having MIT? Cambridge is NOT Boston, and it drives me crazy as a daughter of a Cambridge born mother when people lump Cambridge into Boston.

  4. Julie Butler

    Comments!!! What’s up! Just want to thank you for the last message you sent out on your community phone number! It was simple but brightened my day more than you know!

  5. Amanda Morse

    Yaay!! Comments are back! Wanted to let you guys know: love you guys, love your channel, baby Drew is awesome, and love the compassion and care you take in all aspects of your lives. You guys are great role models for so many young couples out there and i always come away after watching your videos feeling positive and content. Also, I cried watching the video where Drew was born. Beautiful <3 I think you should come to New York for your live tour! (Upstate!!)

  6. Ashley Cannon

    Hooray for comments on YouTube! It just irks my liver that YouTube takes away your comments for being “too conservative,” and it burns my biscuits that they penalize you for being so open and honest with your faith.

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