We Found the RAREST Animals in Sri Lanka (Travel Vlog Pre Covid)

In this episode, we find rare animals in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka on a wildlife safari. Yes, this was filmed before the spread of this pandemic.

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34 Replies to “We Found the RAREST Animals in Sri Lanka (Travel Vlog Pre Covid)”

  1. Sanjaya Perera

    Many Sri Lankans returned to the country from Italy recently. More than 5000 Sri Lankans from Italy, more than 10000 from South Korea… nearly 1000 ppl who came from Italy went home with out quarantining… that's why curfew is declared to found them before they spreading the virus in the country… Sri Lanka has 75 infected patients currently. Most of them found in quarantining centers… After curfew declared infection speed has came down which is good… Curfew will be removed in a few days…..
    Whole world has many problems and travel restrictions due to Covid19 😨
    Stay safe bro. You can have fun in the place where you stayed till curfew removed… 👍

  2. Pocket Trailblazer

    Dude you know I love your work but probably not the best idea encouraging people to travel book tuk tuks etc right now – I know this is gonna be a few months in delay but maybe put a disclaimer on the front to cover yourself… we need to be setting an example 😉

  3. Gabriel Traveler

    Hey Steve, Sri Lanka looks amazing. But was this the right video to go with the title? I don't think you mentioned anything about the current situation in Sri Lanka. If you're still there I'd be really curious to hear what's going on. Of all the places to be stuck outside the US, it seems like one of the better choices. At least people should treat you well. I hope all is well, greetings from Canada.

  4. Yasiru Ranaweera

    I hope you are currently not here.
    Otherwise, you will be arrested within seconds.
    The government has taken this issue seriously.

    Eg: Coronavirus cases – 81
    Arrested while curfew – 1000+

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