LIVE: Deadlines, Self-Sabotage and Failures. Setting your reset button.

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11 Replies to “LIVE: Deadlines, Self-Sabotage and Failures. Setting your reset button.”

  1. Derrick Hall

    I feel you totally! My energy is so drained for the past three days! Feels like climbing a mountain rather than a speed bump! On another note, you so remind me of my high school crush 🤫🤭 On another note do you meditate? Sorry, I missed you live but at least here you can actually see what I say and actually respond! Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful Friday evening! Include some wine 🍷 in your evening and may it be magical for you! 😘

  2. Reed Harvey

    Even Elon Musk worked himself like crazy. He would sleep at his office, cry, and fall asleep in his car. It is sign of success 😊.

  3. HP

    I just watched your replay on prscpe, and I’m passing by to say hi! Enjoy the weekend, relax , have fun .
    FYI although you missed a goal, still looking motivated and exited about what you do!
    See you in a few days 👋🏼

  4. Raul M.

    Objectify, Proritize..(please include all the funz stuff🙏😊!) and implement into routine! (well, I should be doing that but I'm afraid to be trapped in a life of obligation and zero compromise, including what I'd expect from others.. and even if it's just the lifestyle, the discipline would kill my creative mind and simple joys.. look at me ramble ramble🙈, sorry see ya!😎)

  5. Rogelio Lopez

    Steph!!! I’m gonna miss you!!! Even on YouTube even though I first found out about you through Periscope

  6. Daniel DeFoggi

    Great advice Steph, learn from our mistake, move forward and reset. Keep up the great work. Your presence and content on YouTube is top notch!

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