NYC Apartment Tour: $7,500/Month LUXURY APARTMENT

NYC Apartment Tour: $7,500/ Month LUXURY APARTMENT! In this video I give you an exclusive tour at one of New York City’s most luxurious million dollar listing penthouse apartments!

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Filmed, Edited and Produced By Erik Conover LLC, NYC 2018
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21 Replies to “NYC Apartment Tour: $7,500/Month LUXURY APARTMENT”

  1. Erik Conover

    My goal in this video is simple, show you what $7,500 per month rent gets you in NYC! Comment below if you think the apartment is worth the price and if you are interested in seeing MORE rental tours at various prices including budget and luxury!

  2. LaBria Rhodes

    More apartment tours!!! I believe that is worth the price. 1 bedroom 1 and a half baths with a balcony and many amenities. In NEW YORK. This is a goal of mine one day to live in the city because I live in the tri- state. Love your videos

  3. Florian NY

    I pay $2,000 in Harlem for about twice the size. I would only life there if my company would pay for it. But it feels very much like a rip-off for $7,500. Price should be about $5,500. However, I`d much rather buy a place like this and not spent my money on renting for $250 a day.

  4. Bert Kauwenberghs

    Why are you showing this crap. US land of the working poor! You, a muppet, promoting Sutton made by slaves/ builders, servicing the 1 %!

  5. SoundHysteria

    For $7,500/month you could probably rent an entire castle somewhere in france.
    What kind of bullshit apartment is this?

  6. Qishi Li

    Finally something affordable from your channel LOL. I think this is well worth it. It's 5 star quality but cost less than actually staying in 5-star hotels on a monthly basis.

  7. Suzie Wheeler

    I notice ur definition of massive is different than mine…obviously…relatively small is ur massive

  8. xXSilverZagXx 08

    A good cheap apartment if u live in Santa Clara (very expensive) a good choice is civic plaza apartments they are decent apartments for a cheap price

  9. Rae Klein

    Awesome. 😊The views are noice.
    I live in Scranton PA and my View…. Is trees and my neighbors garages lol. Hehehe. That's alot of Money tho 7500 for that.. I'd rather a huge house than being that high up. Hopefully No more 911s I hope. Bc u r f'ed…..

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