I have no idea what to say… (COVID-19 thoughts)

Dan Mace’s video about his Corona virus symptoms:

It’s a weird time and I don’t know what to say, but I did make this video about how I’m feeling at this time with this virus thing floating around.
I found comfort in watching some of my favorite YouTubers talking about it and so I realised I could be that person for others.

I’m by no means qualified to talk about this stuff, I am 100% adding unnecessary noise to this complicated conversation but since I find conversations to be one of the most healing things in the world, I’m willing to blab my gums and share.

I tried to be as open with my opinion as possible whilst still keeping others in mind, however I don’t know everyone’s situation. I can only comment on my own one since it’s the only one I’m living.

Kisses to you all

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Lots of love to you always.

Sorelle Amore

43 Replies to “I have no idea what to say… (COVID-19 thoughts)”

  1. Ingrid Marie Kjelseth

    Your mum drinks her own pee? I'd love to see a video where you address this a little further and talk about potential health benefits and your relationship to it growing up or since she started doing it.

    I am so on board with the slowing down and catching up on projects that I haven't had time for, but I have a master's thesis that has to be finished while in quarantine, so no rest for the wicked I suppose haha.

  2. Marie Magdalene

    I have the same „intuition micromanagement” mode, switching between lucid dreaming practice, cleaning, cooking, art, yoga, meditation, mind mapping, urban gardening and finally – selfies 😂. I finally have time for it without feeling guilty and my long time repressed introvert part is blooming.
    💙 sister – whoever you become now, you’re awesome soul.

  3. The Life Created

    If you watch Sorelle speak about these massive changes she is going through, also or especially on a personal level, but then she seems stronger than I have ever seen her at the same time – that just blows my mind.. Girl, this is gonna be good! Thank you boyfriendo, you've done the right thing by accepting a grumpy surfer chick back into your home 😄 Take care you guys 💛

  4. Rocking Finance

    Haha, ok, Sorelle, this is absolutely the perfectest time for you to learn about saving, budgeting and investing from some of MY videos! I mean, who else am I making it for?! You keep hinting how you want to learn about finance for a while, but now – it's time! :))))

    Btw, this hairstyle you have now is so nice – the color and the shape, so good.

  5. Ilzite K

    You are right. We have to continue creating beauty around and within us. I think people who are responsible for this are hoping to shift humans towards anti human agenda. What a better place to start than with fear and anxiety…

  6. Lucy Lucy

    I agree with everything you said!!! It’s like you’re in my hair girl!!
    Can you pleeeeeeeaseeee tell me what color and brand do you use for your hair?😃

  7. Veronica Higgins

    Hi Sorelle, great video. I have followed you here for quite some time, and thoroughly enjoy your videos. By chance does your brain have trouble switching off at night? I get the impression you have so many thoughts and ideas and emotion to life in general. If this is the case do you have strategies for quietening the mind? Of course it’s like about 2am in Australia and I’m still awake! I’ve dabbled a bit in progressive relaxation when I’m in the right mindset. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Ps you’re looking great! And the hair…awesome!!

  8. Marius Olarson

    We love you to Sorelle! Hope to see some new ideas from you during this period I guess boredom will eventually transform in creativity.I would love to see more selfie tutorials especially for men 😀

  9. Nailah Johnson

    Love how you are making the most out of this weird situation. There are days that I've cried and just didn't know what to think and some days where I feel motivated to work on myself and develop new skills. It's a weird time. I miss my job, family and friends. I also agree 100% I've always worked constantly and been on hustle mode since I was a kid. This time is unusual for me but something that is needed to refresh. Thanks for the video!

  10. Hash Y

    I am using this time to get really fit and get over the mountain I have been looking up for about 5 years. No more fat dad. Now its time for SUPER DAD !!!

  11. Pandy sandy

    Warning, a wave of negativity coming from me; Isn't the fact, that Covid 19 spread so rapidly lied to obsession with traveling/Instagram? A Chinese tourist lied about having coronavirus, so that she could take a picture with an Eiffel tower. The harsh truth is, influencers such as yourself can spread it to many countries, without realising that they have it. Maybe this period of vacant time has been given to you, so that you could think more about others, and about the negative effect that your lifestyle can have on an environment. Peace

  12. Tdog

    dude flying back home right now sounds like the worst idea like being stuck someone without family sucks but flying during this time is terrifying to think about

  13. Piper McLean

    i really don't know how i always agree with everything you say, but i do. it's always the things that i know, but just need someone to tell it directly to my face, so thank you, again. sending love and hugs.

  14. Elisa Merlo

    Love to everyone from Milan, Italy <3 It takes a bit of time to adapt to social distancing but you find your own dimension, a different kind of space and connection.

  15. upROoted

    Crazy times we are living in! I'm using this time to dive back into passion projects. Youtubers like you have inspired me to start my own channel. So thank you thank you❤️

  16. Ashley

    Wish you would have expounded on what you did financially. So many people are wrapped up with hoarding toilet paper when the real detriment will be financially crippling a massive part or the world.

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