Day 3 | Everest Base Camp Trek

Namche Bazaar to Everest Viewpoint Hotel

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Day 3 of our 2 week trek to and from Everest Base Camp. We stayed in the village of Namche so that our bodies could acclimate to the altitude! We did a 500 meter hike to a great view of Everest and enjoyed some tea with a view 🙂 We got to me Tinsing Norgay’s son, too! His dad was the first to summit Everest in 1953 with Sir Edmund Hillary.

***TRAVEL VLOG 116***
Tunes by Edemame: Bayaka

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31 Replies to “Day 3 | Everest Base Camp Trek”

  1. Cedric Ward

    You two have nice straight teeth.
    Kara has some nice shapely, athletic legs
    You are luxury trekking.
    You should have been with me for a month in 1980
    on my trek between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.
    Katmandu to Pokhara living on Indian peanut butter and chapati bread
    with Darjeeling tea, glucose cookies and Indian chocolate bars.
    Climbed from the tropics up to 17,000 feet and back down
    I lost twenty pounds

  2. AFreeSpirit

    Were there any parts of the hike that were narrow paths on cliff edges? It looks like an amazing hike

  3. Beautyflawed81

    I have been binge watching every episode for about a week or so now and I looooooove the music! Where are you getting this music from? I even (at work) put my headphones up to my phone so that I could ask Siri the songs, LOL.. She does not know and I need help. Lol.. Loving the journey so far!! Fan from St. Louis MO

  4. spicecrop

    Wow you got to meet Tenzing Norgay's son? Lucky dogs, who arranged that one?
    I would have talked the guys ear off for hours about his dad.

  5. Chris McMahon

    I love how these towns like Naamche Bazaar are not connected to the road system. You can only get there by walking (or helicopter). How do they get building materials there? Furniture? Appliances, etc…?

  6. Misssparkles

    please get your facts pacific, actually he was one of the first men to climb mount Everest he was not on his own, he and Sir Edmund Hilary ,attempted the summit together. neither one of those two could have done it without the other.

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