What Seattle REALLY Looks Like In Isolation

Video footage of the Seattle area gathered over the last week. Any non essential business is shut down, and residents are ordered to stay home as much as possible. This is what that looks like. Stay home.

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Kerry Park
Gas Works Park
University Of Washington
5th Avenue
Dr. Jose Rizal Park
Lower Queen Anne
T Mobile Park
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20 Replies to “What Seattle REALLY Looks Like In Isolation”

  1. Katie Dillard

    You are such an amazing creator and I applaud you for going out and capturing this footage. It is history in the making and although social distancing is important, it’s also important to capture these times.

  2. Deeptha Dinesh

    I’m from India and the situation is so different…we don’t have that many cases as I’m the us but our lockdown means totally no socializing and sitting at home all the time. Only one member from the family is allowed to go out shopping for daily essentials.

  3. Elena Molecular

    Wonderful editing!! I live in Silicon Valley and it looks just like that…. been shelter in place for 12 days… many more to go! BTW, could you please tell me where was that music from? Big thanks and stay safe!

  4. Tall Random Guy

    What's crazy is this is going to be talked about in the history books and kids 20 years from now will watch videos like this to see what it was actually like in the epicenter of the US

  5. Little Drummer Boy 1970 Little

    But yet when H1N1 killed 17k Americans including 1,800 children, the fake news propaganda machine didn’t create a panic, hysteria, or purposely crash the economy, instead they praised their messiah Barack Hussein Obama for doing such great job getting all those people killed.
    This a very rare virus going by the very small percentage of the population who have it, and the flu has killed 22k Americans in 2020.
    The Mueller coup didn’t work, the impeachment coup didn’t work, so the so called Democrats and had to destroy the economy to try to get rid of President Trump, but thank you Jesus he is polling higher than ever! Trump 2020!!!

  6. ahoward

    I'm in Spokane. I'm originally a WEST SIDERRR. Seeing Seattle like this…that is so strange. We're practicing distancing out of the house, and I don't go into the city. I do however get out to the hills to hike when I need a breather. Thankfully no one is in panic mode, everyone seems to be getting along with day to day pretty well. My sister and brother in law (my roomates) are working from home. Unfortunately this whole pandemic has shut down most places that are hiring, so my job search is at a stand still. My boyfriend in Vancouver (WA) said the cops down there are fining hefty amounts and you could get jail time for going out for recreational reasons. Crazy stuff out there! Stay well Seattle!

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