I Tried 30 Days of Boxing & This Is What Happened!

The 3rd time trying out a different workout class for 30 days and this time it’s Rumble Boxing! Of course this was all before the pandemic and hopefully it inspires to workout at home 🙂
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Clothes Worn:

Blue Workout Leggings:
Blue Sports Bra Top:
Orange Sports Bra:
Green Puffer Jacket:

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33 Replies to “I Tried 30 Days of Boxing & This Is What Happened!”

  1. Hannah Socolofsky

    If you like boxing, you would probably love rock climbing! I've done both and prefer rock climbing. It keeps me consistently interested and is SUCH a great full-body workout for flexibility, balance, and strength!

  2. Micaela Hoo

    I definitely see more definition in your abs, looks great! I did Rumble boxing before and I absolutely LOVE it. The energy of the classes is amazing and makes you want to go all out!

  3. Laura Marazzi

    Loved this! I've always wanted to try boxing! Also I totally agree with you about being grateful for our bodies! I was a serious althete before I had a bad series of concussions through sports and getting my body back to excersie and feeling so shocked that I was so weak when I had been so strong and capable before really made me appreciate all our bodies do for us!

  4. Georgia Warren

    Another amazing video Elena! Honestly you are the coolest chick ever haha I love your outlook on life 🙂 your little 'pinterest quote' in the middle was not cringey at all and made me tear up a little too! Definitely something we should all remember <3 keep smashing it girl xx

  5. Liz X

    It’d be super cool if you tried either Olympic lifting or power lifting to see a different style of fitness. More muscle based than cardio obviously it’d be cool

  6. ysabel abuel

    Thanks for sharing this, Elena! Really inspiring and motivating! 💖 I was never the sporty type of girl but I tried Jiu Jitsu last year and MMA this year. Any type of workout, esp self defense and martial arts, is really empowering! Just to see how your body transforms is the best feeling. Really got to relate when you said to thank your body for eveything that it does and not just focus on its appearance. Glad you liked boxing! And love your workout outfits!! Can't wait for the next one esp this quarantine period. Hope everyone's healthy and safe!

  7. Denitsa Kabadzhova

    Hii wow this is gonna be a really strange comment but if you watch Girl Meets World S3 E9 you can see Riley wearing the exact same sweater as you in the start of the video haha! Love you!

  8. Kenneth Selin

    I like your vlogs: you're SO GOOD-LOOKING, REFRESHING, and ENTERTAINING with such A GREAT, WINSOME, SPONTANEOUS SMILE. You have a VERY GENEROUS PERSONALITY. Plus, I like everything you say and you say it SO WELL. (Ha! Ha!) Ken

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