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January 1st 2016 was arguably the most important moment in my life.

I quit my job, prematurely ended my apartment rental agreement and lost about a thousand dollars in the process. I sold my beloved little VW car that was older than I am and I said goodbye to my friends and family because I was headed out into the wild with no clear directions.

That month was CHALLENGING. My whole life had just been flipped upside down. Even though I often didn’t let it show, I was fighting a serious internal battle. To be honest, I was afraid I was making a mistake. I was trying to remain confident in my decision while the whispers of friends and family told me to turn back. I tried to stay confident in my business idea even though I had NO IDEA if it would work.

Well, just a couple months in and I started to see the benefit of having my first break-even month (when you earn as much as you spend). In less than a year, I was able to become profitable as a business saving a few thousand dollars as a content creator. And today, just a few years down the road, and I now make the same amount of money in a good week as I would have in a whole year at my 9-5 job. And all while doing I something I love. I will forever be grateful to the young me that decided to risk it for the biscuit.

January 2016 was one of the most important moments in my life, and TODAY, March 1st 2020 will be one of the most important in YOURS.

As you think about what your life will be like after LCA, odds are good you feel the same internal battles I did back in 2016. Fear of failure, fear of judgement, and uncertainty of your upcoming path.

Let me tell you this. When you join the Lost Creator Academy, I will equip you with the knowledge, strategy and skills to be successful as a content creator so you will remain in control of your path. I will personally support you through the uncertainty and fears until you naturally find your confidence. If you fight through the fear, in just a few weeks or months, it will go away and you will be made stronger because of it. If you refuse to compromise your dreams for your friends and family, with time, they will come to respect your decision. And if you embrace the uncertainty of this journey, opportunity WILL present itself to you.

Through the best mentorship, resources, and a ton of hard work, you will find your place in this industry and it all starts right here.

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50 Replies to “Become a Full-time Content Creator TODAY (Lost Creator Academy)”

  1. Pelican74

    Lost. broo. Every single comment is saying it's too high. I think if you brought the price down a hair. u would get more responses. Honestly. Peter McKinnon has great content to learn from for free. Anddd you can get a masterclass from that app for less and same thing your doing. Bro. Honest price….299. Tops. Gotta remember. Everyone here is mostly a dream tuber and they don't have that kinda cash to spend. And secondly. Your Asian friend used your videos and didn't pay 799 and he is doing the same thing uour doing without spending 679 on a class. Sooo honestly. This video kinda is a hypocrite to everyone. No offense. Cuz if your Asian can do it without spending that cash I think we all could do it too. Price too high. 299 tops. I think we would all agree that would be more reasonable.

  2. globalwarmingbears

    I would never do this. there are very good channels teaching you to make videos for free. getting free hotels is mostly how convincing you are and what your channel can offer the hotel. He is not going to teach you how to do this. Imagine a hotel marketing person getting thousands of emails a day – why would they pick you – answer that and your good.


    Will the price include a hot girlfriend that can follow me around too ? That would be worth it ! Haaaaa

    Ok I’m considering the investment . Is there a trial version?

  4. Vuyo Sidinile

    Christian, don't listen to all these people saying it's too expensive! The value is worth so much more than $799! You're pretty much handing people the keys to financial freedom and freedom in general! Keep up the awesome content brother 😀

  5. Explore with Zac

    The price for this academy is very low considering the value in it. If you are in the USA and are having a hard time purchasing this Academy, I highly recommend looking into an app called Affirm. I paid cash for this program but I have used Affirm for purchases before and it is so simple and trustworthy. If you want it then you'll find a way to get in, whether it's now or in a few months. Affirm is a virtual credit card that approves almost anyone for $700, with very reasonable interest rates and payment plans, I've purchased a drone and an electric longboard with them totaling more than $4000 and I've never had an issue. Just an idea.

  6. Damien Diaz

    I could only imagine the amount of blood, sweat, and tears you've put into creating this Lost Creator Academy, while continuously creating and posting content. I feel that $799 is a complete steal and worth every penny….and the fact that it's a life long membership is just the icing on the cake.

  7. Daniel Jeong

    100,000 in student loans but 800 for an investment in yourself. Contrary to the comments it seems like a good deal

  8. Amir Abdullah

    Don’t complain about the price if you’re not willing to invest in yourself and start a profitable business then you’re not ready to quit the 9-5 lifestyle you’d rather work for someone else’s dream… it’s easy to go to work and get a check but real freedom comes from those who take action and know exactly what they want in life..
    Don’t watch, don’t wait, TAKE ACTION

    I quit my job several months ago and I’m not looking back it feels AMAZING to wake up knowing I don’t have to answer to someone to travel whenever, wherever. For those that don’t have the capital to invest keep doing what your doing money is everywhere stay on your grind till you have enough and take that fucking leap of faith, I promise you won’t regret it.

  9. For Dream Sake

    I love this! I want to be apart of this! But I'm homeless at the moment lol it will take some time for me to save up, but I'm definitely will be joining this academy! I'm learning to how to be a content creator and I believe this would help me alot! For now I'm just posting travel videos from before I become homeless, but soon I will be posting travel videos of how I'm getting out of this mess and building my travel business from living on the streets with $0 and being homeless to hopefully a million dollar business! And hopefully show people that everyone can pursue they dreams with enough ambition and effort! Thank you for creating this academy! I cant wait to be albe to share my story with everyone in this academy!

  10. Soulfully G

    Would love to have this, sounds awesome. But this costs literally more than what I make in a month working full time haha. Not affordable for us people that live in countries with a very unstable economy. I still love to watch your videos!!

  11. Soulfully G

    Would love to have this, sounds awesome. But this costs literally more than what I make in a month working full time haha. Not affordable for us people that live in countries with a very unstable economy. I still love to watch your videos!!

  12. Travel with Yiew

    Thanks for sharing so much about the LCA! Just saw this clip and I believe the 15% discount is over.

  13. Gyere Utazzunk

    I think thats will 59$ or maximum 99$, I see your point man, you have many work, but this price is way to much.

  14. Phantom Warrior

    how hot is the job market for this? is it a simple matter of placing your service online or do you have to run door to door like a snake oil salesman.

  15. Munich Kettlebells

    Really really great content! Thank you very much all your input.

    The sound of your microphone is really amazing. Which one do you use in this video?

  16. Peter manson

    when are you going to halve the price of your course christian? most of your audience can't afford it. you should listen to your audience brother

  17. NightCrawller

    I usually watch videos @ 1.5x but yours and a few others i simply cannot, my eyes need to be on point all the time.

  18. Travelling Bo's Korea

    I know nothing about Camera and how to make videos and stuff.. but do you think it's possible for me (a complete beginner) to follow your teachings without any problems in LCA?.

  19. R C

    Skipped the part where he doesnt talk about how the market is probably overly saturated and there are now a lot of businesses suspicious of these influencers and vloggers. This ad feels more like a infomercial. I dunno.. it gives me this multilevel marketing feel.

  20. Zoubeir's World

    Thanks for the video. I'm also hard working on my channel. Starting up and trying to reach the public is so hard and sometimes frustrating but I love what I'm doing so I will never stop!

  21. Nick George

    The only thing I would question is how much confidence you have that people can do this after all the hard stuff you know you went through to get where you are today, and if there are 10,000 people buying the course…do you seriously think all 10,000 people would benefit from this or be able to go full time with this?

  22. Kevin Hudson

    Christian, haters gonna hate so I say "Keep it up man" I'm not in a position yet to be an LCA candidate, (maybe some day), but I believe in your honesty with peeps and that translates into what you do. Just keep giving us your all in your Vlogs and keep it interesting for us. Throw in some good history on the cultures you travel through. As far as the LCA: Make sure you genuinely share that 1:1 love with those students who are spending money on your LCA. They really want to learn from you personally: Honor their commitment to you and your dream. You and they will truly benefit from the experience! Cheers mate!

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