Have You Heard Of This Paradise? Arriving in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Welcome to the Cook Islands! Today we take a flight to Rarotonga with Jetstar, arrive at the most chill airport ever and head to our hotel resort on Muri Beach, Pacific Resort Rarotonga. It is definitely…⬇ More Below ✈ Everything you need to know about making money online is in our 220 page guide —

Rarotonga is the most chilled place we’ve ever been. Full stop. Rarotonga is the largest island of the Cook Islands and where we’ll be spending the next week exploring!

First step was jumping on our Jetstar flight to Rarotonga from Auckland, arriving at the airport it was clear how special this trip was going to be. The people of Rarotonga are so friendly, warm, personable and welcoming — even so late in the evening!

Special thanks to Jetstar for helping us get to Rarotonga and show off this beautiful place!

Theres lots of Rarotonga hotels and resorts, but we knew Muri beach was a spot we wanted to be close to. Then we found Pacific Resort Rarotonga and instantly knew it would be a winner! Our flight arrived while it was already dark though, so we weren’t initially able to see how beautiful the hotel resort setup was until the next day… as you would have seen, we were pretty bloody happy with it!

Pacific Resort Rarotonga was kind enough to allow us to film their resort and take us out on a lagoon tour while hosting us, if you’re looking at a trip to Rarotonga definitely check it out, it’s the perfect spot on Muri Beach — 

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26 Replies to “Have You Heard Of This Paradise? Arriving in Rarotonga, Cook Islands”

  1. Alan Malcolm

    Thanks guys for a bit of normality in these crazy times. Loved this vid just what the doctor ordered. You inspired me in the last vid to start doing light circuit training each day, and I'm enjoying it. Stay safe, stay well, and I'm looking forward to the jigsaw vid. Have you watched Tiger King yet? Love from Scotland. Thanks .

  2. Christopher Dickinson

    I was fully expecting at least double figures of daneger saying 'island vibes' but I was surprised to only hear it once 😂 cook islands is on my list but the flight time from the UK is slightly off putting

  3. Lauren DeFrank

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. It is a nice distraction from quarantine. The Cook Islands is somewhere I have never heard of. 🙈 But glad I got to visit if only by watching your video. Looking forward to the next few! Stay well! 🙏🏻❤️

  4. Bel E

    Wow!!!! Thanks for sharing such a stunning place with us ☀️🌊🌴it’s so good to virtually escape the isolation while also respecting the iso rules. Looking forward to the rest of the series, especially the muddy adventure! 😆🤙🏼

  5. J. James

    Lovely tropical escape from these crazy times. Totally well worth the episode, and really look forward to the three others 🙂
    Thanks for the great share, James and Kim

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