The Family Adventure Of A Lifetime! | Queensland, Australia (travel vlog)

***this family trip was in February.. videos are being posted later (no, we are not travelling during the craziness) / The Family Adventure Of A Lifetime! | Queensland, Australia (travel vlog) — Here’s the second part of our travel Australia series! We visited the Glass House Mountains and the Australia Zoo, then ventured over to our Airbnb in Noosa Heads! Then we adventured all around by enjoying the beach and the incredible views of Australia 🙂
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24 Replies to “The Family Adventure Of A Lifetime! | Queensland, Australia (travel vlog)”

  1. Philippa Pay

    Loving the wide-brimmed hat Nova is wearing at the water park. It is the first time I have seen one that is designed a bit reminiscent of the deerstalker style hat. Very practical and stylish. I am so excited. I've been waiting for these continued videos from your trip Down Under. Sweet Sleeping Beauty, who probably needs the nap more than to see the kangaroo she will not remember anyway, except through the photos you took. If she gets overtired/over-stimulated, you all will not be able to even enjoy what you are seeing and feeling that terrible is not fair to her. The cockeyed shades while she was eating watermelon may have felt funny to her 'cause they were not quite on her nose bridge right. By the way, quite amusing when Nova was in the Pack'n'Play and you asked if she was getting into trouble. There was nothing in there with her to get into trouble with. However, there was a thing that almost appeared to be a place card that said in large letters DADA, as though she had just assigned the Pack'n'Play to Caleb as his designated bed on holiday. LOL. Can't get her back to Papa, huh? If Caleb ever decides to write a memoir from the point of view of a daddy with a daughter exploring the entire experience, in order for it to sell well he can entitle it "How Jimmy Fallon Changed My Life in Unappreciated Ways." That'll get the attention of people in the bookshops. Spectacular scenery and Nova is fixated on the camera. LOL. She didn't seem to be suffering too much from the heat, but she did look "done in" all splayed-out sound asleep on the towel. It's such a gift she sleeps almost anywhere. You got some lovely seascape, skyscape and landscape shots to remember it all. The bottom of her pants needs rolling up because it's impeding her walking. Such a funny, adorable shot of her from behind walking to the water's edge: huge hat atop a little body. Thx.

  2. Grace K

    When did you take the strip? I hope it was last February. If not what in the world are you doing? How irresponsible to be in Australia with this killer virus going on.

  3. Tasha Wood

    Aww what a gorgeous holiday you had Alya, Caleb and Nova. Australia Zoo is such an awesome Zoo. I live in New Zealand and have been there 3 times we love it so much. Sunshine Coast is such a beautiful place to visit. I love Noosa xxx

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