Skier's Cargo Trailer Conversion into Stealth Off-Grid Camper

Cedric Yves Denis is a freeskier who converted a cargo trailer into a super stealthy off-grid camper that he can park and live in almost anywhere! The interior is simple and functional with a converting couch bed, a wood stove, a spacious kitchen, removable table, and loads of storage. He even has a garage built into the back to house his ski gear and solar power system, and even more storage space in the bed of his pickup truck.

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The trailer is a Lightning single axle, all-aluminum12’x6′ cargo trailer and the DIY conversion project cost approx. $16,000 CAD all in.

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All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Filmed by Jacob Leroux from ProVision Media

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David Benitez (backflip clip)

Cedric Yves Denis (skiing shots)

50 Replies to “Skier's Cargo Trailer Conversion into Stealth Off-Grid Camper”

  1. eekns

    The sofa bed is very cool. A little bit bigger it could be ideal for a tiny house especially for a single person who didn’t want a loft. The clips for the cabinets is clever too.

  2. krulty

    If you learn a bit about coal placement and how a stoves work, you can keep a stove fire burning all night.
    Stuff like raking the charcoal to the front of the stove, placing tightly formed hardwood logs (dried to 20% or less moisture) parallel to the front behind the charcoal, pressed to the back of the stove. Have a layer of ash under the logs as that helps insulate the logs, Add a flue damper to control the draft, keep the stove clean, make sure the stove door is airtight so that its not letting additional air in.

  3. RVM451

    I endlessly puzzled why people think that they're "Off-the Grid" when they still use electricity!?! It is more appropriate to say that you've exchanged the huge nationwide grid for your own little mini-grid. The only folks who are truly Off-Grid are those who choose to do without electricity Amish style. I don't fault someone for having solar panels or a generator, but that isn't "Off-Grid." AND someone will inevitably argue that "That is the way people use the term." This is a matter of logic and CANNOT be decided by popular usage.

  4. relaxinginreno

    Cedric, a suggestion to your heating situation. Look up the diesel powered heaters. We use them in our sleeper units for semi trucks with no problems. They use very little fuel, very little power (12 volts), vent exhaust outside and can run for days off a 5 gallon tank. Imagine never waking up cold at night or come back from skiing to a warm trailer. There are many kits for van conversions and rooftop tents on the market. I thoroughly enjoy my -20 degree nights in Montana.
    Hope this helps.

  5. Karen Tormey

    Awesome! Love it when a dad supports his son’s dreams and has the skills to back it up❤️. True treasure you got there in the build and the relationship, and the LIFE!

  6. V Star 1300 Adventures

    If you did want a simple stove you could use an alcohol stove, that uses denatured alcohol for fuel. You can get the fuel at any hardware or paint store. It evaporates quickly so there is no fire or explosion hazard as there is in an enclosed space with propane Something I learned while living on a small boat.

  7. Treasure Island

    Some of these comments are rediculous.Cedric doesn't have to mentioned his shitting practices or personal hygiene in his video's. He probably poop's in a bucket..But I wouldn't mention it either..Geez I'm sure he has a lot of handy wipes & toilet paper, sanitizer etc in his compartments. You either shit in the woods or shit in a bucket.

  8. PJ T

    That's one sweet and stealthy trailer. I love the little fireplace that does so much from cooking and heating to providing hot wax with the antique irons my Grandma use to use as a little girl.

  9. D. Mills

    This is a SWEET buildout! The cabinet clips are brilliant. As always, though, I gotta wonder why they don’t put in at least an under the bed, rollout portable potty. I could never be captive to outside or public toilets.

    Funny thing, I actually own the real life version of that vintage trailer pic he has on his wall, even the same colors. I could totally live in it and have for up to 3 weeks at a time, though it came standard (in 1957) with a kickass propane wall heater AND a toilet and shower. A very efficient layout gave me a full kitchen, dinette, tons of storage and it can sleep 4-5 comfortably.

  10. Laura Tibbles

    This is a great video keeping it simple and fun I do get what you are saying about dealing with tanks for water and waste water you have a great set up it’s all about what your needs are and how comfortable you want to be and what your priorities aren

  11. s w

    My uncle used to put a certain type of rock in his motorhome to retain heat after he heated them up in the oven. Not sure the kind of rock but maybe look into it?

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