FIRST VLOG EVER: 20+ Hours to Tokyo

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This is the first vlog we ever made. We were leaving home for a one year long adventure around the world, which has now turned into 4 years (& a lot better quality) Enjoy the “old days,” but if you’re new here, please check out our recent travel videos and stick around 😉

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40 Replies to “FIRST VLOG EVER: 20+ Hours to Tokyo”

  1. James Newell

    You guys are fantastic, photograpy/videography is great. Always a pleasure to watch you guys. Thanks for taking us your adventure! Wife and I just finished binge watching trans Siberian train travel excellent !

  2. LivHumbly

    I love how when I saw the departures sign I thought "That looks like BNA" then y'all walked into the airport and I saw the carpets and I was like "OMG That is BNA!!" Hahaha I love it.

  3. dpbrock

    Hey K&N, recently discovered the vlog and on a binge from the beginning. Episodes are awesome and addicting! Wondering if you guys read new comments on the “old” episodes?

  4. Alexander NANCARROW

    I consider myself to be an outgoing person but on my first try talking to a camera I had no idea what I was doing.
    But you guys were natural vloggers from the beginning!!
    Editing has sharpened and the southern accents have slightly faded away in 2018, but your confidence in front of camera is still as strong as back then.
    From Australia

  5. cara drinkwine

    im obsessed with your videos! Please do one on yellowstone. I know that you usually travel to diff countries, but the world needs to know about yellowstone and it is the most beautiful place ive ever seen. I know you two would enjoy it.

  6. Mel*of*Winterfell

    I have watched your newer videos but thought I might watch from the beginning. When did yall marry? I dont see a blog explaining how yall decided to do this. Is there one? I will keep searching. I just love watching yall living my dream. Also you guys are just adorable. So yall are from Nashville? I am from NE Arkansas!😊

  7. Michelle Halling

    I hate it when people aren't understanding when a child is screaming. The kid is usually super scared, and tired and doesn't understand exactly what is happening. Have some compassion! Help the parent! Put in your headphones or earplugs!

  8. BWinter B

    Maybe there is a video on this, but did you save money before the trip around the world and how did you go about it?

    Maybe you would like to see about a couple from South Africa, @howfarfrom, they did something similar.

    Absolutley love the channel.

  9. Kenneth Sleigh

    Hi you mad crazy wonderful amazing peps i have been randomly watching your vlogs for about a week now every night so i thought i better start from the beginning but i am also watching your recent ones and its great to see the comparison its possible i might be an addict 🙂 all the best on your wonderful life journey its your destiny !!

  10. TruthSeeker574

    Hi, My name is Adam and I would love to meet you even on Facebook. You can find me under the Pseudo Adam OC… and I love Turkey because watching all these videos from you and other people made me love it even more.. take care and welcome to Turkey, been there many times, and this is Adam from Seattle, WA… living in Canada because i hate the racist Trump. I am originally from Libya… and Have been in Seattle for 19 years and now in Montreal, eastern Canada… love your videos… and you both make a nice couple and complementing each other well…Peace. I am trying to watch all your videos on Turkey… I love it and I think I will be there in the summer of 2019, I hope. I am saving all your videos on my favorite Folder of Turkey.

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