23 Replies to “BC SPCA Shelter Walk-Through”

  1. Dean Johnston

    On an unrelated note to the subject of this video.

    I really enjoyed seeing you as your 'normal' self. I'm not sure I know how to put it across clearly but I get the feeling you put a diffrent persona on for your other videos and I actually enjoyed seeing this other side of you 🙂 So thanks for that.

    A more serious side! 😀

    If im honest with you I actually watch your videos more to see you than I do the actual content of your videos

  2. Reagan Brazeale

    Cute animals! 😀 I adopted my doggie when she was a puppy and I was four. She wasn't from a shelter, though, she was at this person's house where the mommy dog happened to have puppies. I had her until recently, when she passed away from an enlarged heart. I'm planning on adopting another one once I'm done with college.

  3. Olivia

    I want a kitty or a puppy…..or both!!!!!1 when my and my best friend get out of high school we are moving to LA than we will adopt a kitty and a puppy!!

  4. Kornwallis

    this spca is much better than the one in hamilton, ontario,
    they don't have heated floors, it's often cold in there, it's crowded and small, the dogs and cats don't even have pillows or anything to sleep on, ALL the cats are in the same cage,
    it's sickening, really,
    i hope to donate atleast 100$ to them after i get money from friends and family for christmas

  5. Dan Argenta

    Nadine, you are doing a great thing introducing people to these shelters, and helping to raise awareness and support charitable donations for their operation.

    i'm sure as a result of this many of your viewers have considered or adopted pets from their local shelters.
    …also that Pom is completely adorable!

  6. Nicole Mihalick

    I work at a shelter… its NOT all fun and cuteness.. its actually really sad and heartbreaking. Im sure you dont really want to work there :(…. half you people dont even know what its about.. you just think ohh cute animals yay… idiots

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