How To Start Dressing More Sustainably

Hey friends! My lovely & talented friend Jazmine (@thatcurlytop) and I created this video together to share how you can dress more sustainably! Jazmine introduced me to something called the “Buyerachy of Needs” by Sarah Lazarovic and we loved the message it conveyed. Soooo, we decided to attempt to create in a video format and here it is! The “buyerarchy” is basically a reminder of ways to reuse and recycle the clothing that you have or shop second hand to have more sustainable style. Hope you enjoy!

Huge shoutout to my friend Jazmine for filming & creating this with me! She’s a fashion & sustainability QUEEN! I highly recommend checking her out and giving her a follow:
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35 Replies to “How To Start Dressing More Sustainably”

  1. Brianna Nicole

    Love this! I just had a question though, wouldn't online shopping be less sustainable than shopping in a store because of the shipping? I don't mean to be super nit-picky (I'm an avid Amazon customer myself) I just wanted to know your opinion on it!

  2. Kylie Christian

    Absolutely love this! Thank you!! Such great advice! It’s so true! I honestly need to slow on just buying every cute thing I see just to have a different outfit! Thanks elena!!

  3. Renee W

    i love that this is quick and to the point while still being sort of artsy. thank you for promoting sustainability, this is so dear to my heart ❤

  4. Aasiyah

    I totally agree with you in the video Elena, buying should be the last thing a last resort after doing all of the other steps!💛👍🏼🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. andymoss

    such a cute video! great reminders and tips about clothing consumption. making your own cloths, whether it's sewing from scratch, knitting, or upscaling, is so much fun! it also puts more personality and memories into your clothing.

    other sustainability tips: clothing with synthetic materials (ex. polyester) break down significantly slower than natural fibers (wool, cotton), so keep that in mind! also, you can buy local clothing that's made from natural fibers. I bought an alpaca wool hat from my neighbors' farm and it is my favorite hat!!

  6. Loff Travel

    Awesome video, great content.. Totally agree with the concept, plain and simple.. The humanrace has to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. Which will benefit all of us.. Some people see it as living back in the cave period (as caveman) but its something that this planet and us as humanbeings need, I personally think.

  7. Julia Elizabeth

    L – O – V – E this!!! I'm very into buying more second hand (most things I buy these days are) and I love that you're using your platform to convey this message, which I personally think is a very important one! Great job being an inspiration Elena! <3

  8. Emily Herrmann

    i absolutely love that you're making this type of content!! I'm in school for fashion design and a lot of people don't know how polluting the fashion industry is. it's the second most polluting industry right after oil, and no one talks about it/does anything about it! fast fashion stores like h&m, forever 21, and zara are huge problems when it comes to waste and pollution and I wish more people knew about that. Most people don't think twice about how buying clothes impacts our earth. thank you so much for making this video and maybe you could do another one explaining why dressing sustainably is so important. love you girl

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