Spectacular FLOATING HOME is Self-Built & Off-Grid

This stunning 700-square-foot, self-built float home is fully off-grid with solar power, a pellet stove, a composting toilet, and an evaporation grey water system that ensures nothing is dumped overboard! It has an open concept kitchen, living and dining space, a master bedroom and bathroom on the main floor, two bedrooms on the second floor, and the wraparound deck up top gives 360 degree views. Take a full tour of this sustainable tiny floating house!

You can follow Jay Blackmore and see more photos from his DIY float home build here:

Jay built it in his spare time (between working, spending time with his kids, and sailing) over the course of 4 years as an alternative housing option to the country home he had before, which he felt was too expensive, too far from town, and too much maintenance. Now he doesn’t have a lawn to mow or a driveway to shovel, and he is walking distance to all the amenities in town and just a few steps from his sailboat that is docked in the same marina.

It’s not an easy lifestyle though, everything that goes in and out of the float home has to be carried there, including propane tanks, pellets for the woodstove, groceries, garbage, etc. even in the middle of winter when docks are icy and the wind is blowing. And it’s quite public with boaters and paddlers going by all day. But Jay says it’s all about mindset and he’s okay with these smaller challenges since it allows him a lifestyle that suits him perfectly.

You can follow Jay Blackmore and see more photos from the float home build here:

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35 Replies to “Spectacular FLOATING HOME is Self-Built & Off-Grid”

  1. dodgeplow

    Being homeowner and a boat owner, I don't see how combining the two is cheaper and less work than a home on land. My home just needs fair-weather mowing. I rarely need anything else, aside an occasional appliance repair, done. My boat needs constant maintenance – haul outs, paint, lines, etc.

  2. ray bon

    overall it has been a success cuase he prob will not work in retirement less
    they raised his taxes in the marina or float fee, or canadians pass a water tax,other wise
    he lookson his way to a non working retirement.

  3. trueaudience

    If he builds all this by himself, he must have had adequate knowledge and experience already, he is either in architect or home building business , I’m guessing.

  4. Karyn Wallace

    WOW 🤩 to be so multi talented and environmentally creative, must be so satisfying to see the end result !! I really enjoy what talented people create especially for those of us who are not talented lol 🤣🤣🤣 in any way shape or form ! Thank you sharing 😊🙌👏 NZ

  5. lenny108

    In Kerala they have an ancient houseboat culture, of course there is a tropical climate where no heating system is required. Question is when there is thick ice during winter doesn't this require to take the houseboat out of the water? Ice expands and might crush the ponton body?

  6. Kimberley Belton

    I thought the thumbnail looked familiar, but when I started watching the video (I'm addicted to tiny home videos) I was all "OMG HELLO NELSON!" Easy to recognize our gorgeous community.

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