Travel London: McDonalds in London

In every city we visit, we visit McDonalds. Why? Because each city has its own variations on the menu and some…well, some are just downright bizarre. Check out what we found in London!

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7 Replies to “Travel London: McDonalds in London”

  1. Trevor Craig

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that does the McDonalds thing. When I was working on Cruise Ships in the 90s, a group of our would always hit the McDonalds first and compare it with the UK version.

  2. WolfGratz

    I went to a McDonalds once. It was inedible. Later I used to walk past McDonalds London Bridge every day – it occasionally made me feel slightly sick and I appreciated Guy's Hospital being next door. Then at work a year or so back somebody very kindly brought me in an egg McMuffin. It sat on my stomach all day. I can't believe some people eat there deliberately

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