Low-Cost Living in a TINY Camper for 3 Years

Karen has been living this 21-foot caravan full-time for over 3 years and she’s currently in the process of renovating an even smaller vintage trailer to call home! This RV lifestyle allows her the freedom to explore New Zealand, and it also gives her more financial flexibility with her graphic design contracts since her cost of living in a camper is lower than it would be in an apartment or owning a home. In this video she gives us a full tour of her tiny home, she tells us about the pros and cons of her minimalist nomadic lifestyle, and she shares her favourite places to park!

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Karen from Travelling K

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Karen from Travelling K

30 Replies to “Low-Cost Living in a TINY Camper for 3 Years”

  1. diver0129

    It seems like a trailer is a better idea than a van. If the vehicle pulling it dies for some reason, you can replace it without replacing your home.

  2. Jamie-Lukas Campbell

    Wow, this must be one of the most beautiful caravans/tiny homes I've ever seen. It is so spacious yet so compact at the same time! Excellent storage, great bathroom, exceptional (large!) kitchen, and extremely versatile and comfortable workspace. I'm not too familiar with caravans and I'll have to do some research – but I'm wondering why the van can't remain attached to the truck for easy towing at the last minute or quick drive aways?

  3. hotshot619

    I've always wondered how people managed to date/socialize while living more nomadic. Glad she addressed it. Seems like a very interesting life style.

  4. Mr. S Chowdhuri

    This lady has such a buoyant character and it looks great how sorted her life is. It feels great to see how big her life is even in this tiny camper van.

  5. Drew

    👍 Very well equipped, functional and beautiful caravan. Always wish they had that quality in America. Wondering what one like that costs.

  6. Andy Commons, Canada

    Got back from a month long RV tour of NZ at the end of March. Cut short due to the CYN-YA Virus so will be back in February for 2 months next time. We absolutely loved your Beautiful Country, just like our home British Columbia Canada but upside down.

  7. S̝E̝N̝A̝T̝O̝R̝ A̝G̝R̝A̝P̝A̝

    New Zealand only fame… People are suffering cause 30 percent or more tax .. Ridiculous

  8. Jim Baran

    Thank you for sharing a little bit about your life. I love the layout of your caravan(camper)!!! ALL THOSE WINDOWS…WOW!!! Prefect set up for you it looks like. Continued future success and stay safe!!


    I liked the video BUT this is really an alternative that 10s of thousands of us already have so I personally couldnt take anything from this video which I thought was part of the point of these kinds of channels? Just my view ofcoarse

  10. Xichen Liu

    what if your battery under your bed is shorted , it will start a fire on your bed immediately . and how do you prevent incest opening those windows

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